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Try This! Extreme

Try This! Extreme: 50 Fun & Safe Experiments for the Mad Scientist in You

Karen Romano Young
National Geographic Children’s Books
160 pp.
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Children are natural scientists, born wanting to explore the world around them. This book provides a range of activities most appropriate for children ages 10 to 15 years old, with some parental help and supervision, aimed at igniting kids’ interest in different aspects of science. The experiments presented  focus on various explorations of microbiology, entomology, and animal behavior, as well as some simple chemistry, engineering, and physics experiments. Each section gives detailed instructions and approximate times to completion as well as a walk-through of the actual project as performed by real kids. I found it especially realistic when experiments failed. Anyone who has worked in a lab will appreciate how the author walks readers through the scientific method and provides suggestions for further experiments and troubleshooting for the more problematic investigations. The book ends with a section specifically aimed at preparing for a science fair, including how to design an experiment, keep a notebook, and write up and present your results that will be quite beneficial for a budding researcher.