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  • Kid Scientists: True Tales of Childhood from Science Superstars
    David Stabler, Illustrated by Anoosha Syed


    Kid Scientists

    Kid Scientists by David Stabler is a biography about the childhoods of famous scientists. The featured scientists—including Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking—are presented at around the same age as the target audience, making it easier for readers to identify with them. The book’s main goal, which is admirably achieved, appears to be supporting young… Read More
  • Science in a Jar: 35+ Experiments in Biology, Chemistry, Weather, the Environment, and More!
    Julia Garstecki


    Science in a Jar

    Do you have a surplus of glass jars clogging your cupboards and children who are curious and excited about the world? If so, Julia Garstecki’s collection of more than 35 household experiments may be a great addition to your library. This book is divided into chapters on life science, chemistry, earth science, physical science, and… Read More
  • Follow That Bee! A First Book of Bees in the City
    Scot Ritchie


    Follow That Bee!

    Follow That Bee! introduces kids to bees and urban beekeeping. The book describes an afternoon that five friends—Martin, Nick, Yulee, Sally, and Pedro—spend with Mr. Cardinal, an urban beekeeper. Mr. Cardinal starts by telling the kids that bees like to eat both nectar and pollen from flowers and explains how to set up a bee-friendly… Read More
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  • How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls: Animal Movement and the Robots of the Future
    David L. Hu


    How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls

    At the intersection of fluid, solid, and gaseous flow; animal motion and mechanics; applied mathematics; and robotics lies the research of David Hu. Through stories about researchers he has interacted with over the course of his career and a biographical view of his own projects, Hu shows readers that we still have a lot to… Read More
  • The Ice at the End of the World: An Epic Journey into Greenland’s Buried Past and Our Perilous Future
    Jon Gertner


    The Ice at the End of the World

    Although Greenland occasionally figures into news stories and debates about rising sea level and a warming Earth, the relevant historical background rarely enters into such discussions. Consequently, many fascinating elements of the island’s story that could capture the interest and attention of the public have lain dormant. Jon Gertner’s compelling book, The Ice at the End… Read More
  • Eye Spy: Wild Ways Animals See the World
    Guillaume Duprat


    Eye Spy

    The table in my hallway is blue. My son swears it’s green. My nephew says it’s brown. Vision helps us interpret the world around us, but what if we each see the same thing differently? Eye Spy, a child’s lift-the-flap book, gives readers a glimpse into the lives of animals whose views of the world… Read More
  • Superheavy: Making and Breaking the Periodic Table
    Kit Chapman



    Kit Chapman begins his story of the early hunt for so-called “superheavy” elements with Enrico Fermi, the scrappy Italian physicist who claimed, erroneously, to have discovered elements 93 and 94. As the first scientist to develop a technique for a phenomenon called neutron capture, Fermi paved the way for a number of element discoveries to… Read More
  • Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Natural History of Where We Live
    Rob Dunn


    Never Home Alone

    Although you may encounter reminders of life that flourishes outdoors inside your home—the occasional spider in the bath, the mold that sometimes sprouts on food—by and large, the only living beings you will consciously encounter in this space will be the other people in your life and your pets. After reading this book, you will… Read More
  • George Washington Carver for Kids: His Life and Discoveries with 21 Activities
    Peggy Thomas


    George Washington Carver for Kids

    Most people remember George Washington Carver as a Black inventor who created close to 300 peanut products. Peggy Thomas’s book moves beyond that one-dimensional view as she guides the reader through Carver’s life story. Born in the early 1860s to enslaved parents, Carver overcame poverty and segregation to devote his life to improving the livelihood… Read More