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    Science at Sundance 2020

    A counterculture commune seeking a more sustainable lifestyle moves inside an airtight dome. Parents yearning to connect with their autistic children find hope in a Japanese author’s profound testimony. The climate crisis hits home as a tight-knit California community attempts to move forward after a devastating wildfire. From a meandering love letter to an imperiled… Read More
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    Wishlist-worthy books for young readers

    From cryptic ciphers and wall-climbing robots to dinosaur digs and visits to the planetarium, this year’s finalists for the Science Books and Films (SB&F) Prizes for Excellence in Science Books are packed with fun facts, easy-to-do experiments, and plenty of creepy-crawly creatures. Sponsored by Subaru and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS… Read More
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    Our autumn reading list

    What can a lowly lichen reveal about a grisly murder case? Which common clothing item requires 5000 gallons of water to create? Where is the best place for a pilot to crash a malfunctioning airplane? Chockful of interesting trivia and thoughtful scholarship, the books on this year’s fall reading list—reviewed by alumni of the AAAS… Read More
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    The scientist’s summer reading list

    How will we eat in a warming world? What makes money real? Are we being good ancestors? From a graphic celebration of the semicentennial of the Apollo 11 mission to a dystopian foray into the digital afterlife, this year’s summer reading picks—reviewed by an enthusiastic group of early-career scholars—aim to unpack where we came from… Read More
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    Science at Sundance

    An entrepreneur’s ambitious health care start-up ends in indictment. A teenager in Malawi saves his village with a brilliant feat of engineering. A community works around the clock to save a tiny porpoise inching ever closer to extinction. From a Holocaust survivor’s candid sex advice to a Cambridge Analytica insider’s shocking congressional testimony, the science… Read More
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    Books for budding scientists

    From audacious space missions and quantum physics, to clean cookstoves and coral nurseries, this year’s finalists for the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prizes for Excellence in Science Books dare to go where few children’s titles have gone before. Sponsored by Subaru of America and facilitated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, the publisher… Read More
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    New books, fresh for fall

    From space weapons to mind reading, the books on this year’s list tell tales of scientific transformation, balancing historical insights with urgent calls to action. Consider a transgender scientist’s reflections on his legacy or tag along on a quest to save a tiny porpoise from extinction. Crack open a history of immunology or confront the… Read More
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    How do broad interests benefit your science?

    We asked young scientists this question: How do broad interests benefit your science? Scientists with a variety of hobbies responded that their extracurricular activities have enhanced a wide range of skills, from creativity to communication to resilience. Many also mentioned the value of clearing their minds and relaxing. Read their answers here. Read More
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    Summer reading, science style

    Fearing career repercussions, a theoretical physicist calls out a growing crisis. Setting aside DNA for the filing cabinet, a historian unearths a radically new history of human genetics. Pondering the anatomical correlates of human intelligence, a neurologist searches for Einstein’s brain. From an eye-opening tour of bioluminescence to an idiosyncratic history of energy, this year’s… Read More
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    What is the purpose of a postdoc?

    We gave young scientists this challenge: What is the purpose of a postdoc? Address this question by writing a job advertisement for the perfect postdoc position. We received responses from scientists around the world representing a variety of fields. Some wrote advertisements for their ideal postdoc job and benefits, no matter how fantastical. Others felt that the… Read More