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    Science reads for the summer of ’17

    From the far-off surface of Mars to the much closer—but no less mysterious—human brain (the frontier between your ears), this year’s picks invite readers to jump into the scientific process feet first. Try your hand at home brewing with an archaeologist’s guide to recreating ancient alcohols. Ride the CRISPR wave with an insider’s overview of… Read More
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    Going green on the silver screen

    2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (EFFNC), an annual cultural event in Washington, D.C., that features dozens of films with Earth-friendly messages. The longest-running festival of its kind in the United States, the 2017 EFFNC could not have felt more urgent, shining a spotlight on the Standing… Read More
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    Calling all kid scientists

    “One day, my sister will be bigger than me,” a friend’s 3-year-old recently announced. “How do you know that?” her mother asked, preparing for a preschooler’s take on polygenic inheritance. Leaning in closer, she whispered: “An owl told me.” What tickles me about this response is how perfectly it illustrates the creativity and open-mindedness with… Read More
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    Autumn books to fall for

    A mother sets out to discover how her late son’s organs helped to advance scientific research. A data scientist reveals how invisible algorithms perpetuate inequality. A citizen scientist delights in the contributions of enthusiastic volunteers. Taking a cue from the season, the books on this year’s fall reading list are poignant, crisp, and reflective. Learn… Read More
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    The scientist’s guide to summer reading

    Convinced that the secret to a sniper’s success is all in his aim? You may be underestimating the role of Velcro. Think that artisanal cheesemakers represent the ultimate rejection of mainstream science? Think again. From an upbeat meditation on death to a snarky critique of economics, this year’s picks offer delightfully unconventional perspectives on a… Read More
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    Science staff review 12 films featured at the 2016 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

    In March 2016, the theaters, libraries, universities, and museums of Washington, D.C., were once again the setting for the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, an annual event (now in its 24th year) featuring more than 140 Earth-friendly films. A number of the 2016 selections sought to celebrate the centennial of the U.S. National… Read More