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  • Exhibition

    A renaissance is occurring in the way we render extinct species

    Paleontological art, or paleoart, is experiencing a veritable renaissance. Before the pandemic brought public events to a halt, the European mainland was set to witness no fewer than three exhibitions centered on this genre within the span of a year (1–3). Esther van Gelder, guest curator of the Dinomakers exhibition at the Teylers Museum, attributes… Read More
  • Unsecured Futures
    Lucy Seal, curator

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    An AI-driven artist’s exhibition hints at, but never fully explores, the ethics of algorithms

    My train ride from London to Oxford is filled with anticipation. Having just watched the latest season of Black Mirror, I anticipate the same blending of wit, unintended consequences, and dystopian paradox from the new exhibition that has just opened at the Barn Gallery in St John’s College, Oxford. Unsecured Futures is the solo show… Read More
  • T. rex: The Ultimate Predator
    Mark Norell, curator


    Towering models, engaging interactives, and virtual reality bring the Tyrannosaurus rex to life

    Head down and jaws wide, drool running down its banana-sized teeth, the Tyrannosaurus rex is a nightmare incarnate. The unsettling eyes only add to the effect. Children are nudged forward by their parents to gaze at the king of the tyrant lizards. No museum seems complete without this Cretaceous celebrity. The new exhibition at the… Read More
  • National Museum of Qatar
    Sheikha Amna bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al-Thani, director


    Qatar’s new museum celebrates the country’s biodiversity, cultural heritage, and what’s to come

    The small desert nation of Qatar underwent a crisis on 5 June 2017. Neighboring countries imposed a blockade that turned it into a virtual island, surrounded on three sides by water and on one side by hostile territory, isolating it politically and eliminating the transport lines that previously supplied 80% of its food. Qatar’s response… Read More
  • Gravity. Imaging the Universe After Einstein
    National Museum of 21st Century Arts

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    An ambitious exhibition explores the intersection of the cosmos and contemporary artistry

    When it comes to sparking the public’s interest in science, no individual, living or dead, can rival Albert Einstein. His name and face, if not his ideas, are known the world over, and headline writers cite him eagerly to pull in readers. So perhaps it is no surprise that the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del… Read More
  • Robots
    Ben Russell, Curator

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    A new exhibition surveys five centuries of robotic invention

    For at least five centuries, humans have been dreaming up intelligent robots to do our bidding: from performing mundane tasks to completing difficult or complex endeavors that we cannot do ourselves. This 500-year quest is the subject of a groundbreaking new exhibition, entitled Robots, at the Science Museum London. Crossing boundaries of time and geography… Read More
  • Crystalline
    Siobhán McDonald; Helen Carey, Curator

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    Repurposing scientific materials into works of art, an artist confronts the Anthropocene

    Crystalline, a new exhibition showcasing the work of Irish artist Siobhán McDonald at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, France, brings together works created from relics of past scientific ventures to the frozen north and materials developed for an upcoming exploration of the Sun. The items are recomposed into artistic pieces that convey a melancholic… Read More
  • ¡Cuba!
    Ana Luz Porzecanski and Chris Raxworthy, curators

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    An immersive exhibition introduces visitors to Cuba’s rich culture and biodiversity

    The passing of Fidel Castro brought renewed popular attention to Cuba, a nation whose turbulent history continues to spark passionate debate. Unlike its political history, however, the vast ecological and cultural richness that thrives in Cuba is relatively lesser known; so, too, is the challenge of conserving these resources in the wake of climate change. Read More
  • States of Mind Tracing the Edges of Consciousness
    Emily Sargent

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    Waking dreams

    Dead or alive, asleep or awake, focused or drifting. Consciousness switches on, flickers to the wanderings of the mind, rests, and extinguishes. The borders of sentience are the subject of a compact educational exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London entitled States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness. Artists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers contribute… Read More