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  • Endangered: A Game of Survival
    Joe Hopkins


    Players collaborate to rescue endangered animals in a new conservation-themed game

    Species conservation evokes visions of khaki-clad antipoaching teams, zoo breeding programs, and volunteer-led beach cleanups. Certain furred, fanged, and feathered creatures may also spring to mind, as do the many fundraising pleas made on their behalf. Endangered is a new board game that brings together these elements of conservation and more as players cooperatively work… Read More
  • Oceans
    Nick Bentley, Dominic Crapuchettes, Ben Goldman, and Brian O’Neill


    An underwater arms race drives a vibrant new game

    North Star Games’ new board game, Oceans, simulates marine evolution, modeling the fierce struggle for existence among competing species in an “eat or be eaten” environment. It does this by enabling players to create species whose feeding strategies are dictated by one of 12 trait cards. “Filter feeders,” for example, forage exclusively from the fish… Read More
  • Periodic: A Game of the Elements
    John J. Coveyou and Paul Salomon Illustrator: Tomasz Bogusz


    Players race to research the periodic table in an engaging new board game

    This year marks the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s publication on the periodic table. Periodic: A Game of the Elements provides a fun way to celebrate the science behind it in an engaging, play-based format. Cheerful colors create an inviting game setup, and pieces shaped like microscopes, test tubes, and flasks playfully underline the science theme. Read More
  • Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer
    Matthew Shoemaker


    A charming new game educates as players compete to stave off honey bee colony collapse

    Could you survive a year in the life of a queen bee? A new tabletop board game challenges players to do just that, providing a surprisingly educational experience along the way. Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer was designed by beekeeper and librarian Matthew Shoemaker and pointedly avoids cartoonish depictions of the beloved pollinators. Read More
  • Wingspan
    Elizabeth Hargrave


    When birding meets board games, everyone wins

    For many, the thought of board games may evoke memories of family game nights centered on childhood classics such as Monopoly. However, a relatively recent boom in adult board game enthusiasts has led game designers to explore more diverse themes, including those that model scientific concepts (1, 2). Perhaps, then, it was only inevitable that… Read More
  • Subatomic: An Atom Building Game
    John Coveyou

    Game ,

    The quantum realm comes to life in a fast-paced new board game

    The rise in popularity of tabletop board games as a mainstream adult hobby has introduced players to a correspondingly wide breadth of unlikely subjects, from exploding cats to top-secret chili recipes (thankfully not in the same game) (1, 2). Following the notion that no subject is off limits in board gaming, Subatomic sets out to… Read More
  • Game , ,

    A pair of climate-focused board games promises smart fun for gaming enthusiasts

    Board games are growing as a popular hobby in mainstream culture and academic circles, thanks, in part, to the rise of “Eurogames,” which emphasize strategy and individual development over luck and conflict. Given their wide appeal, board games also represent a media form ripe with potential for science education. This review presents two board games… Read More