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Posts tagged with "Atmospheric Science"

  • Caesar’s Last Breath: Decoding the Secrets of the Air Around Us
    Sam Kean

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    Caesar’s Last Breath

    The word “gas” appropriately comes from the Greek word for chaos (khaos): Within these intangible substances are trillions of tiny particles flying around at hundreds of miles an hour, forcefully slamming into each other, and ricocheting away in random directions. Yet, because gases are invisible to the naked eye, it is often easy to forget… Read More
  • Make It Rain: State Control of the Atmosphere in Twentieth-Century America
    Kristine C. Harper

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    Dubious efforts to control the weather reveal the pitfalls of policy-led science

    Clouds are notoriously unruly. Constant shapeshifters, they emerge only when conditions are just right to allow tiny water droplets to form around even smaller bits of dust, sea salt, or ice. The physics that governs their evanescent lives remains remarkably little understood, and much of the uncertainty in global climate- and weather-prediction models is due… Read More