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  • Energy: A Human History
    Richard Rhodes


    Energy: A Human History

    Motivated by the climate change crisis, Richard Rhodes’s Energy: A Human History sets out on a historical tour of how humans have manipulated nature to lift, transport, heat, and illuminate things over the past four centuries. Rhodes brings the same storytelling finesse to this work that he brought to his 1986 Pulitzer Prize–winning The Making… Read More
  • Burn Out: The Endgame for Fossil Fuels
    Dieter Helm

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    Mapping emerging trends in energy innovation, an economist anticipates a fossil fuel–free future

    Projecting how we produce and use energy a generation or more into the future is a task fraught with challenges, but Dieter Helm’s Burn Out does just that while avoiding the usual pitfalls. This new book identifies three “predictable surprises” that will affect our energy future and traces their economic effects. Along the way, Helm… Read More
  • Film

    Catching the Sun

    Would a switch from fossil fuels to solar power create or destroy more jobs? Would the installation of solar panels on houses and businesses empower individuals and communities? Would it truly shift wealth from megacorporations to the less wealthy? Although not directly asked, these questions emerge from the stories told in Catching the Sun from… Read More