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    New books, fresh for fall

    From space weapons to mind reading, the books on this year’s list tell tales of scientific transformation, balancing historical insights with urgent calls to action. Consider a transgender scientist’s reflections on his legacy or tag along on a quest to save a tiny porpoise from extinction. Crack open a history of immunology or confront the… Read More
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    Fall into a new book

    Balancing reverence for nature with respect for the limits of human knowledge, the books reviewed below offer a mix of scientific optimism and caution. Tag along on a voyage to planets where alien life thrives, or join a wacky romp to the future where origami robots take shape. Delve into a tale of a controversial… Read More
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    Autumn books to fall for

    A mother sets out to discover how her late son’s organs helped to advance scientific research. A data scientist reveals how invisible algorithms perpetuate inequality. A citizen scientist delights in the contributions of enthusiastic volunteers. Taking a cue from the season, the books on this year’s fall reading list are poignant, crisp, and reflective. Learn… Read More