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Posts tagged with "Marine Ecology"

  • The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs
    Kate Messner, Illustrated by Matthew Forsythe


    The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs

    With sparing words and mesmerizing, soft-colored paintings, The Brilliant Deep tells the story of Ken Nedimyer, an American fish collector and “live rock farmer” who found a way to restore the world’s coral reefs by growing coral colonies in underwater nurseries and then planting them onto dying reefs. Nedimyer has long loved the ocean. One… Read More
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    Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping

    The next time you buy clothes, do not just spare a thought for the workers who sewed your garment. Also consider the international crew who spent lonely months without Internet or phone on the container ship that brought it to you. Consider the invasive species that the container ship brought with it, the pollution that… Read More
    Leigh Fondakowski

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    A new play reveals the far-reaching consequences of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    Few questions provoke a stronger response than those that address the future of energy. Recent controversies surrounding large-scale oil pipeline projects, such as the Dakota Access or the Keystone XL, underline an ever-present tension: Society’s overwhelming dependence on oil results in unacceptable risks to environmental and human health on the one hand while promising fabulous… Read More
  • All the Boats on the Ocean: How Government Subsidies Led to Global Overfishing
    Carmel Finley

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    A policy-focused history probes the factors driving the decline of global fisheries

    The global fishing industry was transformed in the 20th century by an interplay of technology development, emerging economic opportunities, new fishery science, shifts in societal norms, and evolving geopolitical priorities. In her book All the Boats in the Ocean, Carmel Finley explores the effects these factors had on fisheries, emphasizing the role of government regulation… Read More