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  • To Burp or Not to Burp: A Guide to Your Body in Space
    Dave Williams and Loredana Cunti, Illustrated by Theo Krynauw

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    To Burp or Not to Burp

    How do astronauts poop and pee? According to Dave Williams, a Canadian physician who flew on two Space Shuttle missions and made three spacewalks from the International Space Station, that’s the question people most often ask astronauts. In To Burp or Not to Burp: A Guide to Your Body in Space, he and coauthor Loredana… Read More
  • Robins!: How They Grow Up
    Eileen Christelow

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    Every year, many millions of American robins migrate from the southern United States and Mexico to the northern U.S. and Canada to breed. The males travel first, covering hundreds of miles to find and defend a suitable breeding place until the females arrive. Robins! tells the story of one robin couple and their offspring over… Read More
  • Try This! Extreme: 50 Fun & Safe Experiments for the Mad Scientist in You
    Karen Romano Young

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    Try This! Extreme

    Children are natural scientists, born wanting to explore the world around them. This book provides a range of activities most appropriate for children ages 10 to 15 years old, with some parental help and supervision, aimed at igniting kids’ interest in different aspects of science. The experiments presented  focus on various explorations of microbiology, entomology… Read More
  • Inside Your Insides: A Guide to the Microbes That Call You Home
    Claire Eamer, Illustrated by Marie-Éve Tremblay

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    Inside Your Insides

    The human microbiome is complicated stuff: Researchers are still struggling to understand the trillions of microbes that call our bodies home—how we acquire them and how they affect everything from our digestion to our mood. It’s the subject of Ph.D. work and medical research, but in this lighthearted picture book, it also becomes whimsical learning… Read More
  • Beauty and the Beak: How Science, Technology, and a 3D-printed Beak Rescued a Bald Eagle
    Deborah Lee Rose and Jane Veltkamp

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    Beauty and the Beak

    In 2005, an emaciated eagle was discovered outside of a landfill in Alaska. She had been shot in the face, causing catastrophic damage to her upper beak. Such a grim story may seem a strange foundation on which to build a book for children, but the tale takes a happier turn when the raptor, nicknamed… Read More
  • If You Were the Moon
    Laura Purdie Salas, Illustrated by Jaime Kim

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    If You Were the Moon

    The Moon is a very busy celestial body, and Earthlings are lucky that it is so active. That’s the delightful premise of a new picture book by Laura Purdie Salas and Jaime Kim. If You Were the Moon is aimed at elementary school–aged children, but an ingenious two-layered narrative also makes it accessible for younger… Read More
  • Animals by the Numbers: A Book of Infographics
    Steve Jenkins

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    Animals by the Numbers

    How does a human compare in size to a grizzly bear, colossal squid, or blue whale? Which animals have the longest tongues and how do they compare to their body sizes? These are just some of the questions Steve Jenkins answers in Animals by the Numbers. Both simple and detailed illustrations of the animals are… Read More
  • Droughts
    Melissa Stewart, Illustrated by André Ceolin

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    What is drought? Parched earth, empty reservoirs, and desert-like conditions may first spring to mind, but as Droughts makes clear to young readers, this picture may be misleading. A drought means that precipitation is lower than usual for a prolonged period of time, but this can occur in any part of the world—even the Arctic… Read More
  • This Book Stinks!: Gross Garbage, Rotten Rubbish, and the Science of Trash
    Sarah Wassner Flynn

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    This Book Stinks!

    Did you know about one-sixth of garbage collected in the United States is burned? Or that you can recycle yoga mats into flip-flops? This Book Stinks! will fill you in on all the dirty details of what happens to the things we decide to toss. Fortunately, this book takes an expansive view of the definition… Read More
  • Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist
    Jess Keating, Illustrated by Marta Álvarez Miguéns

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    Shark Lady

    The sight of a dorsal fin slicing through the water might strike fear into your heart, but Eugenie Clark saw things differently. Shark Lady tells the story of this pioneering marine biologist who took assumptions about sharks—and about whether women belong in science—and blew them out of the water. Captivated by sharks since a childhood… Read More