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Blogging in the time of COVID-19

Welcome to the new Editor’s Blog. Shortly after I joined Science, I floated the idea of a blog as a more rapid and informal way to post commentary from our editors and guests. This would be a place to share thoughts on science and Science and spur more conversational and interactive engagement with our readers—a complement to our more formal published commentaries (Editorials, Perspectives, Policy Forum, Letters).

We prepared to launch this as a weekly post back in the era known as BC (Before Coronavirus). In the midst of all that is going on, there is no better time to start than now. See “Adapting to the crisis,” my first post on the changes we’ve made to our editorial process in light of the current crisis.

And as we all move forward to the AC (After Coronavirus) world—whatever that shapes up to be—this blog will continue as an avenue for sharing and exchanging ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

We’ll promote new posts on social media at @sciencemagazine and my Twitter feed, @hholdenthorp. For now, your feedback is welcome via email (, and we’ll post those comments that move the dialogue forward in interesting ways.

Thanks for joining this conversation in these extraordinary times.