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Expanding voices during the COVID-19 crisis

Science always gets far more great content than we can publish. And in these extraordinary times, we are receiving more submissions about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) than we could have ever imagined. For those who have sent pieces to us, we’re sorry that we cannot consider them all and will continue to respond as rapidly as we can.

In response to this crisis, however, we are publishing more prospective pieces than we would normally take, as ideas come forward about how to deal with the challenges facing the world. We are being more flexible than we have been about longer Letters, and with Perspectives that are closer to viewpoints than analyses of the literature. We have also started running two editorials in almost every issue, because there are so many important comments to make about COVID-19 and because we are committed to making sure that Science continues to serve all areas of science, even in this unusual time.

Which makes this a good time to remind folks that all Science pieces (including this blog entry) are signed by the author. We do not have editorials that are the opinion of an unnamed editorial board. When I write an editorial, we of course make sure that it is generally consistent with the overall positions of Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, the publisher of Science) but it is still signed by me and expresses my opinion. When we publish an editorial or letter by another author, it is their signed opinion. As we push things a little further in terms of getting a lot of views into the magazine, it seems worth reiterating this. Here is the statement that runs at the bottom of the masthead and in Science’s Mission and Scope:

Science serves as a forum for discussion of important issues related to the advancement of science by publishing material on which a consensus has been reached as well as including the presentation of minority or conflicting points of view. Accordingly, all articles published in Science—including editorials, news and comment, and book reviews—are signed and reflect the individual views of the authors and not official points of view adopted by AAAS or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated.”

Thanks for staying in the conversation with us.