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AAAS is observing #ShutDownSTEM tomorrow

In the wake of the most recent murders of Black people in the United States, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, the publisher of Science) is supporting #ShutDownSTEM tomorrow, 10 June. The effort seeks to set aside time for white and non-Black people of color in science and academia to devote time to education and to make plans to eradicate systemic racism in science and beyond. In preparation for this, Science has selected a group of articles that will not require a subscription or registration. We hope some of those seeking information will find these pieces helpful.

We thank the organizers of #ShutDownSTEM for their leadership in setting aside this day of reflection.

Assessing risk, automating racism

The context of diversity

Replicating Meyerhoff for inclusive excellence in STEM

Without inclusion, diversity initiatives may not be enough

Katherine Johnson (1918–2020)

The bias detective

Unearthing the reality of slavery

An unequal blow

Vaunted diversity program catches on

Mentoring’s moment