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A new name change policy

Today we are pleased to announce a seamless, discreet procedure that authors can follow to change their names in previously published papers across the Science family of journals. We join multiple other publishers that have adopted similar initiatives, including the American Chemical Society, Public Library of Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Wiley. Authors may have occasion to change their names for various reasons, but recent outreach by, and on behalf of, transgender scientists has impressed upon us the importance of respecting authors’ privacy and autonomy in correcting the scientific record. To that end, we invite authors to send us their name change requests at with an ORCID iD for the new name and citations to the papers that they would like us to modify. We will make the changes to those papers (including acknowledgments and email addresses, in addition to the primary author list) in all published formats, with no public notifications. No justification on the author’s part is necessary, nor will we alert coauthors. We will also work with Crossref, the organization that registers digital object identifiers (DOIs), to help ensure that future citations to these papers use the new name. We thank everyone in the scientific community who advocated for this policy and extend our appreciation to the American Chemical Society for sharing its insights as we worked through the details of our own implementation.

Jake S. Yeston is the Editor of physical science research at Science.