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A Streetcar Named Darwin

From the Random Samples page in the current issue of Science:

Some streetcar riders in Cologne, Germany, are getting a dose of evolutionary biology during their daily commute. Twenty art students at the University of Cologne, directed by biologist Daniel Dreesmann, artist Volker Saul, and art professor Silke Leverkühne, celebrated the Darwin Year by creating the “Evolution Erfahren” (experience evolution) streetcar, which will run for the rest of the year on the city’s regular routes. The car is covered inside and out with artwork exploring Darwin-related themes, including the evolution of birds, evolution and medicine, and “evolution in our backyard”—for example, a recently evolved fish species that lives in the Rhine. “It’s not a moving textbook,” Dreesmann says. “It’s designed to make people curious.” For those who can’t catch the streetcar in person, the Volkswagen Stiftung, which funded the project, this week published a catalog of the artworks created for the project.