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Who Discovers and Why

Research, The Right Way

For today, instead of reading something over here, I’d like to send everyone over to Australian physicist Michael Nielsen. He’s been writing a manifesto about how to do research, and here’s the finished product. (Thanks to Chad Orzel for the link.)
I find his prespective to be very accurate indeed. Readers may recognize some themes that I’ve sounded over here from time to time. I’ll be add my own comments in a future post or two.

One comment on “Research, The Right Way”

  1. lexapro says:

    This reminds me of Robert Root-Bernstein’s book “Discovering” which analyzes how people make important discoveries from different types of research.
    On a similar note, the National Archives is planning to go digital by 2007. This will make available any kind of record created by any entity in the federal government. Opening up this vast archive has, I believe, profound consequences for future important discoveries.

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