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Birth of an Idea

Vial Number Thirty-Three

This morning I got the results in from the first experiments that I spoke about here. Most of them did nothing at all. Nothing in the blank controls, nothing in the experimental wells.
There were forty vials to examine, and there was nothing to report for quite a while. But vial number 33, that one appears to have worked. If the reading from it is accurate. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing,
But einmal ist keinmal, especially where wonderful results are concerned. I’m coming in over the weekend to set more controls and repeats to have them done on Monday, which is the next chance I’ll have to get anything analyzed. If I can make it happen again, I’ve just had the most interesting and important result of my entire scientific career.
And I just can’t tell you how surprised I am at that possibility.

16 comments on “Vial Number Thirty-Three”

  1. Novice Chemist says:

    Best of luck. .

  2. Brooks Moses says:

    Congratulations! May it be real, and repeatable!

  3. heziris says:

    whilst doing a final web search for anything that i may have missed for my extended essay on the potential of herbal remedies for depression, came across your blog via your post on castren’s review in neuroscience.
    this is a simply brilliant website! i do hope all works out well with the above experiment.
    best wishes

  4. POCl says:

    Best wishes, Derek.

  5. Dave says:

    Derek, here’s to the reproducibility of your result!
    Congrats, and keep the faith!

  6. Joseph says:

    Wish you all the best. Am eager to see the future posts regarding the results.

  7. austere says:

    good luck.

  8. Novice Chemist says:

    Amen to the hopes for reproducibility, BTW.

  9. Milo says:

    Great news. It is always good to get that one vial that behaves differently than all rest, that is where wonderful science can happen.
    Best of luck.

  10. Demosthenes by day says:

    Nothing like heading into the weekend on the crest of a positive result.
    I wish I had a positive result to head into my weekend. But as usual its another weekend of thinking how to fix this week’s problems.

  11. Mark Senak says:

    Here’s to Pete and RePete!

  12. Mark says:

    Seriuosly Derek,
    The suspense is killing us!

  13. Denni says:

    Best of Luck!
    This reminds me of ‘fraction 17’, on which about half my thesis was hanging 😉
    It pretty much summarizes all that I love and loathe about science…

  14. Over a dozen comments and no one has remarked on the coincidence of the number 33 and Rolling Rock beer?? I guess I’ve given away where I was an undergrad – if it truly pans out for you, Derek, I’ll be sending you a case of Latrobe’s finest!

  15. srp says:

    Best of luck on this. It’s surprisingly exciting even vicariously, even not knowing what you’re doing, and even probably not understanding it if you told me. I guess that’s the true romance of science.

  16. Erich Schwarz says:

    Good grief!
    Good luck!

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