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Birth of an Idea

Back on the Air

I just wanted everyone to know that things have been quiet here because of some Movable Type maintenance behind the Corante scenes. Things seem to be working now, though, and rather more zippily than before. There seem to be a number of comments that were backed up in the pipes which have now appeared, too. I have a backlog of things to talk about (Pfizer! Dichloroacetate!) and regular blogging will resume this evening or tomorrow morning. Even though I’m soon to be unemployed, the blog will live on.
Another update: my manuscript for the “Vial Thirty-Three” paper has been put on hold for a bit, because of some data in it, not related to its main point but still unremovable, that need to wait before being disclosed. A little later on this year I should be clear to publish, though. It’s frustrating, but since I did this work at the company’s expense, they certainly have the right to say when it gets released.

4 comments on “Back on the Air”

  1. Chemgeek says:

    Phew, I thought we lost you there for a minute!!! Glad you’re still with us.

  2. Chrispy says:

    Welcome back. My post about the details of Pfizer’s elimination campaign got deleted, but maybe that’s just as well. Damn depressing business to be in these days — ironic since the science is better than ever.

  3. tom bartlett says:

    Chrispy: any chance or re-posting, or do you think it was INTENTIONALLY deleted?

  4. Chrispy says:

    Hi, Tom,
    It’s old news now, but here’s the link:
    (NYT story from a couple of days ago.)

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