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Closing Time

Open For Business

Tuesday is my last day at the Wonder Drug Factory. I’ve been hauling out boxes, emptying the freezer, signing forms, and shaking a lot of hands.
I don’t have anything lined up immediately, although I’m pursuing a couple of possibilities. My hope is to stay in Connecticut (I live near New Haven), but that narrows things down quite a bit. As I run through the possibilities, I’ll be opening up the search toward the mighty vortex of Boston and Cambridge if need be.
For now, in my between-jobs phase, I’d like to announce that I’m available as a consultant. I have over seventeen years of drug discovery experience that I’d be glad to use on the behalf of anyone who feels that it might be valuable. I won’t be bringing in any proprietary information from my recent projects, naturally – I’m respecting the Wonder Drug Factory’s IP, in the same way that I’ll respect that of anyone else who hires me on.
I can probably do the most good in the preclinical stages (while I’ve taken many compounds to the clinic, I haven’t been the person responsible for getting them through). There have been some inquiries already, I’m glad to say, which prompts me to hang out the sign officially. Please feel free to contact me at

6 comments on “Open For Business”

  1. Chemgeek says:

    I have nothing to offer but my sincere best wishes. Good luck in the job hunt.

  2. BCP says:

    I second Chemgeek – best of luck Derek.

  3. John Johnson says:

    As much as I would like to be able to say that I’m glad you lost your job, I don’t have any hiring authority and tend to stay on the clinical side of things, so all I can really do is wish you good luck. May this (forced) career move be a good one.

  4. dave s. says:

    If you’re willing to leave your existing home, why limit it to Boston? Is there nothing in the NIH-NIEHS universe which would interest you?

  5. Chris says:

    As someone who made the move from Big Pharma to consulting about 9 months ago I wish you every success. I’ve been surprised at the need to Medchem training courses and since I was a regular at the RSC MedChem School I found it a relatively easy introduction. There have been a number of initaitves supporting early drug discovery particularly amoungst academic groups. I would have thought your knowledge would be invaluable and I have found collaborating with academics and smaller startups quite invigorating.
    I’d urge you to really have a go for it!

  6. Rob says:

    So sorry you are leaving big pharma (at least that one). I’ve read your blog for a few years now off and on, it’s really quite good. Good luck. I’m also in the job hunt too, but with 0 experience, so hopefully your prospects are good (and if you can’t get a job, then should i even bother trying?)

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