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Publish Your Work The Easy Way

I say unkind things about various scientific journals here on occasion. But I have to say that I’ve never encountered a situation in chemistry that matches the affair of M. S. El Naschie, editor of the Elsevier journal Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals. It’s nice to see the editor-in-chief show up with an occasional paper in his own journal – keeping one’s hand in and all. But El Naschie has published three hundred and twenty-two papers in the journal since he assumed editorship. He has five in the December issue alone!
The N-Category Cafe, a math blog from the University of Texas, has the full story here. Briefly, El Naschie seems to have been running this journal as his own private kingdom for some time now. While I’m not qualified to referee his works, those who are report that his papers don’t make much sense – “undisciplined numerology larded with impressive buzzwords” is one review at the UT site. (That’s a phrase I’m going to have to remember for future use; it’s bound to come in handy).
Would you like to subscribe to this fine journal, and get the latest updates from El Naschie-land? That’ll run you $4520/year. As a library, you’ll be getting that as part of a bundle of other presumably more useful journals, so you won’t be paying full whack. But still. Why pay anything for a vanity press full of nonsense? (And if there are some real papers in there from other groups, then I pity them for having to appear alongside the gibberish).
Elsevier seems to have finally caught on, after many recent protests. The journal’s home page now states:

The Founding Editor for Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Dr El Naschie will retire as Editor-in-Chief. This will be announced in the first issue of 2009.
The publisher will work with the editorial board and other advisors to identify a new editor, as well as reviewing the aims and scope of the journal, as well as the editorial policies and submission arrangements.

I’ll bet they will. What’s puzzling is why this took so long – isn’t anyone at Elsevier paying attention? And why did it take some math bloggers to get things rolling – where has everyone else been in the field all this time? Just rolling their eyes and chucking the issues into the circular file, apparently. As I say, I don’t know of anything close to this in chemistry – if anyone has info to the contrary, let’s get on it ourselves. . .

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  1. Petros says:

    Perhaps those at Elsevier are too busy thinking of how much to increase subs by?

  2. TK says:

    Incredible. How can this have gone on for so long? How many libraries are buying this supposedly ‘high impact factor’ journal when it seems it’s lone purpose is to publish the questionable ramblings of a self-promoting ‘professor’?
    Check out the great man’s website… Interesting that his contact details consist of a PO Box in Surrey and not a Harvard/Cambridge/Imperial office?

  3. Nature had a writeup on this character recently (subscription required; 26th November print issue). Unsurprisingly, at least one of his claimed academic affiliations is unverifiable.

  4. Hap says:

    Other than as a sick and expensive joke, when exactly does this journal come up? For example, if you’re in the field, does someone actually send their paper to this journal willingly? If a reviewer suggests that your paper should be sent to this journal, would you actually take his suggestion seriously or would you immediately cross him off the Christmas card list and consider contracting a hit on him?
    If there’s no papers or no readers, then there’s no journal – while the packaging method (also see: bogus cable channels) explains its existence in the lack of readers, who publishes in the journal, and why? If you can’t get published anywhere else, perhaps your department should take that as some sort of sign, and consider appropriate action.

  5. startup says:

    I think that for Elsevier et. al having such journals makes a lot of sense. In essence they’re doing the same thing as cable companies – bundle valuable content with tons of junk and use the sheer volume of that junk to justify the rates.

  6. AP Chemist says:

    My favorite quote from that article:
    “”it’s plain obvious that there was either zero, or at best very poor, peer review, of his own papers”. There is, however, little evidence that they have harmed the field as a whole.”
    Isn’t that what we all strive for, simply not to harm our chosen field?
    Happy Holidays!

  7. milkshake says:

    I have seen some people in combichem and peptidomimetics padding up their publication list, by writing series of repetitive articles in strange journals, communications, perspectives and mini-reviews, and mostly a stuff without experimental part and always copiously citing their own previous “work”. And I know for fact that they were pretty friendly with some people sitting on editor boards of these journals.
    I am not saying that all combichem is weak but lots of stuff out there got over-hyped to the point of wishful thinking. The self-interest of some people at the interface of academia and industry was fueling the combichem bubble – these people who were promoting their own startup companies and patent positions, and lot of industry money got wasted by chasing after these ideas.

  8. BS says:

    In our group we’re not too fond of anything from Joseph Lakowicz’s group, who is the founding Editor-in-Chief and frequent publisher in Journal of Fluorescence and Plasmonics.

  9. MTK says:

    I wouldn’t be so hard on the combichem folks. There’s a lot of repetitive stuff from every discipline or sub-discipline.
    The padding of CV’s has little to do with field of study or the nature of the organization (industry vs. academic). That’s because this unfortunate practice is based on the fact that publications are the chief tool that we as scientists use to further our careers. So if you are ambitious you have to publish. The best of the ambitious lot have quality and quantity of research to publish. The next level have quality. If you have higher ambitions than the quality of your research or imagination merits, guess what you’re left with.
    Derek’s post of Jan 30, 2008 addressed this and had a link to a website with a text similarity search so that one can ferret those out. A valuable tool when reviewing, BTW.

  10. Nicolai Plum says:

    That’s a blast from the past.
    I studied Maths at a University with some notable people in the chaos theory, dynamical systems, and related areas. I remember picking up copies of this journal (left lying around the department) as an undergraduate some decade and a half ago and thinking even then that it looked like a load of trendy bullshit. Certainly it was either very cutting-edge, avant-garde research in a very new field, or a load of bullshit, and I couldn’t tell the difference every time in those days but it seemed more bovine than revolutionary to me. I wasn’t qualified to make firmly rude comments in writing at the time.

  11. Bitter Pill says:

    The other corallary to this phenomenom is the abuse of power by editors to deny publications to researchers that are in the same field. I saw this firsthand with premier ACS journals about 15 years ago

  12. a-non says:

    acta cryst

  13. S Silverstein says:

    Make sure to read about the Sokal affair and a journal of a different sort.

  14. Kay says:

    In the area of bioinformatics, there is one journal with 18% of all papers authored by the editor-in-chief. However, the bottomline is totally different from the El Naschie case – I have discussed this issue in a recent post.

  15. milkshake says:

    Editors settling personal scores are not as bad -if your work is any good you may publish it somewhere else just as well. Far worse is a petty referee at NIH that shoots down your grant application because of his/her personal distaste for some people involved.

  16. Zaphod says:

    I think many of the Elsevier journals have a bit to be desired when it comes to quality control. Half of Tet Letts is unreliable. Publishing is a big business – and a licence to print money. We fund the work, write the papers, review each other’s work (all for free), then they print it and charge us to read it. Quality control is sometimes secondary to volume in these cases. I for one have decided to only publish in society journals from now on.

  17. el duderion chemisto says:

    There are some chemistry examples. John Secrist, the EOC of Nucleosides, Nucleotides, and Nucleic Acids seems to publish a lot in that journal—many of his papers (at least used to) state they were submitted and accepted within a day or two. I always found that odd.
    Also, Boger at Scripps is pretty bad with BOMCL. He puts much of his detritus there. It’s also pretty commonly known at Scripps that if you want a so-so paper published you can “just walk it over to Dale’s office”.

  18. KinaseNerd says:

    I am more worried about a tendency that scientist who have undoubtably had an impact in a certain field are constantly asked by many journals to contribute further papers and commentaries (“perspectives”, “mini-reviews”, “highlights”) on this topis even if they are not actively involved in research anymore. A classical example is medicinal chemistry where the pioneers on a new target or mode of action (e.g. non-ATP competitive MEK inhibitors) in many cases end up writing junks of mini-reviews/perspectives with absolutely no new information. Sometimes all that’s new is that paragraphs are re-arranged or figures are updated. As the new results decline usually the speculative conclusions increase. These kind of “perspectives” also have a tendency to cite the same papers over and over again and ignore controversial publications. In most cases the same people give lots of plenary lectures at conferences as they are considered as key opinion leaders.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think that Elsevier is doing dirty jobs in scientific publishing. The CSF journal is owned by Elnaschie and Elsevier is getting money out of this apart from the journal subscription fees. El naschie pays for getting credibility of Elsevier and to have the chance to publish his great scientific ideas in journal hosted by a supposed reputable publishing house like Elsevier. There are other many similar cases in Elsevier.
    El naschie keeps publishing junks in CSF for a quite long time and kept unnoticed by mentoring system of Elsevier which seems very odd. While it was so obvious from the far beginning that we have a crackpot.
    The same applies to Cambridge university which allowed him to publish his articles for nearly ten years 1993-2001 using its affiliation, while, for sure, he wasn╝t a staff member there. It is far from reality to imagine that people in Cambridge have been fooled for that long time. According to the following data base
    One can find:
    17 articles where the affiliation is DAMTP, Cambridge, UK.
    72 articles where the affiliation is Dept. of Appl. Math. & Theor. Phys., Cambridge Univ., UK
    40 articles where the affiliation is Univ of Cambridge.
    No prize for one who guesses at which journal those articles have been published.
    It is not enough for Elsevier just to step down Elnaschie , they should explain how these things happened and what their future precautions to prevent such a misusing of editorial power.
    On the other side, Cambridge people should explain how it was possible for El naschie to use its affiliation for a quite long time, harming their reputation without charging him and any legal action.
    The papers of El naschie would be a permanent black record for both Elsevier and Cambridge for too long time in the future.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Looking for the numerous amazing articles of El naschie, I found a wonderful one whose title is
    ôP-Adic analysis and the transfinite E8 exceptional Lie symmetry group unification ╜
    M.S. El Naschie
    King Abdullah Institute for Nano and Advanced Technology, KSU, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Volume 38, Issue 3, November 2008, Pages 612-614
    Just reading the first sentence in the introduction which is
    ôOne of the most amazing results in high energy physics is the T-duality discovered in the context of superstring theories by Witten [1] ╜
    But, for your surprise, the list of references you find no mention of any reference of Witten.
    Reference [1] is just a paper of El naschie himself. Here is list
    [1] M.S. El Naschie, A few hints and some theorems about Witten╝s M theory and T-duality, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (2005), pp. 545û548.
    [2] A. Leonovich, Comments on E8 unification and P-Adic numbers. http:/ (10/03/2008).
    [3] M.S. El Naschie, Transfinite harmonization by taking the dissonance out of the quantum field symphony, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (2007).
    [4] M.S. El Naschie, High energy physics and the standard model from the exceptional Lie groups, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 36 (2008), pp. 1û17.
    [5] M. Kaku, Introduction to superstrings and M-theory, Springer, New York (1999) see p. 385 in particular.
    [6] M.S. El Naschie, Infinite dimensional Branes and the E(∞) topology of Heterotic super strings, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 12 (2001), pp. 1047û1055.
    The first reference as already mentioned is El naschie paper. The big surprise about this paper is its tilte
    ôA few hints and some theorems about Witten╝s M theory and T-duality╜ here again we find no reference to any of Witten╝s papers . here is list of references of this paper ;
    [1] E. Goldfain, Cantorian spacetime and unified field theory, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 23 (2005), pp. 701û710.
    [2] M.S. El Naschie, A review of E-infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy physics, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 19 (2004), pp. 209û236
    [3] M.S. El Naschie, Gdel universe, dualities and high energy particles in E-infinity, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 25 (2005) (3), pp. 759û764.
    [4] El Naschie MS. On the cohomology and instantons number in E-infinity Cantorian spacetime. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, in press doi:10.1016/j.chaos.2005.12.019.
    [5] M. Kaku, Strings, conformal fields and M-theory, Springer-Verlag, New York (2000).
    [6] A. Khrennikov, Non-Archimedean analysis, Kluwer Academic Publishers, London (1997).
    [7] V. Vladimirov, I. Valovich and E. Zelenov, P-Adic analysis and mathematical physics, World Scientific, Singapore (1998).
    Something more peculiar about the list of references, of the first paper, is that one of the references is just a comment on an article published in the Telegraph, unfortunately the comment has been deleted. Also the address of the first paper raises another question about the so many false affiliation of El Naschie. The address seems not to be related to his activities.
    It is obvious that there is no kind of peer review for these papers even at the fromal level apart from the content.
    One can guess that papers may be generated using a program of language generation like n-moles or n-grams or whatever kind of program used. I think, at least for me, that the ╗a b╝ of scientific writing should fulfill certain basic criteria:
    1- If you mention a paper of Witten (or any name) [], then one should put reference for that person in the square bracket.
    2- If you have a paper titled with theory of some one, then the list of references should contain at least one reference for that guy.
    I hope, by now, El naschie has a plenty of time to fix the bugs in the program generating papers, implementing these two mentioned rules in the code and acknowledge this blog for drawing his attention.

  21. Martin says:

    A little closer to home, but also in the land of Elsevier, someone has woken up and been taking a closer look:
    Retraction notice to “Synthesis, kinetic studies and pharmacological evaluation of mutual azo prodrug of 5-aminosalicylic acid for colon-specific drug delivery in inflammatory bowel disease” [European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 42 (2006) 885–890]
    European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 43, Issue 12, December 2008, Page 2909

  22. Sili says:

    Can’t we say Z. Krist. instead?
    Nah. I know what you mean when it comes to Acta E. Even I am published there!

  23. anonymous says:

    Of course you do not expect from blog readers to be so critical about the sources of the information which they are commenting on. Did you ever think that the whole thing is a set up and a vendetta against Prof. Mohamed El Naschie? If his work is so bad why did the right hand of a Nobel laureate plagiarise his idea and publish it in Scientific American and simultaneously in Classical and Quantum Gravity and Physics Review Letters? The person in question is a professor in Utretch, Holland. When students and colleagues of El Naschie protested, John Baez was called in. He defines himself as a one man internet army. It was John Baes who started it all. I cannot count the lies which he has filled the blogs sphere with. You should check Nature on line. You will see that Nature has withdrawn its article. In Nature they are more level headed. They realised they have been taken for a ride by John Baez and his friend Quirin Schiermeier, a Nature journalist who is based in Munich, Germany. As long as you do not check the sources of your information, the internet will always be the source of infinite defamation and consequently no one will take these blogs ramblings more seriously than the gossip of a boulevard men’s magazine.

  24. Any one says:

    Another article about the great man El naschie written by Marc Abrahams
    on the Guardian, Tuesday 30 June 2009.
    Short bits
    Scientists who struggle to get their reports published, or to get anyone to pay attention to them, might consider the path blazed by Dr Mohamed El Naschie. El Naschie found an appreciative science journal editor. The editor subsequently published hundreds of El Naschie’s studies, and also made El Naschie a glamorous figure – featuring him in lavish photo-spreads in the company of famous scientists and powerful world leaders. ……..
    One can follow the full article on
    The great man El naschie should sue guardian.

  25. Ibrahim Javaid says:

    If you want to know the real identity of the originator oft he crininal defamation campaign against Professor Mohamed El Naschie then you should look carefully tot he identity and history oft he following people:
    1. Dr. Said Elnashaie who claims to be a Dean in an obscure University in the dessert of Sinai called University of Sinai. There are those who claim that the owner of this private University is a drug dealer and they are responsible for drug trafficking coming from South America going to Europe via Egypt and Israel. Please blog in Google the case of Said Elnashaie.
    2. An Editor of a newspaper published in Germany who is specialized in blackmailing people and getting money for writing defamatory articles. He is supported by a gang of criminal lawyers operating in the harbor of Hamburg and connected to the mop and element of smuggling mafia.This journalist is connected to another internet criminal whose name is Jason. You probably will find everything yourself on Google.
    3. A journalist working in Germany called Schiermeier. This man is facing criminal charge for defamation.
    4. The connection between all these people is a second class mathematician Dr. John Baez from the department of mathematics, Riverside University, California, USA. After making a lot of fun about El Naschie`s Golden Mean, this man had the nerves to give a lecture in Scotland entitled “. The Golden Mean – my favourable number”. In this lecture he simply copied everything Professor El Naschie has written.
    5. John Baez was brought into all of that by a well known theoretical physicist who works as the right hand of a Nobel Laureate of Physics. I did hear, that this Nobel Laureate is Professor Gerardus `t Hooft of the University of Utrecht. I cannot believe that for two reasons. `t Hooft is a very close personal friend of Professor El Naschie and his family. Second, Professor `t Hooft is known to be a very kind man. Last but not least he has already a Nobelprize in Physics.
    The definite conclusion is the attacks on Professor Mohamed El Naschie is coordinated and is related to his theory. The real motive may be deeper than that. It may be related to the Moslem phobia which is taking place in many European countries particularly Germany and Holland.
    Ibrahim Javaid

  26. Rajani says:

    The name no one refers to is either a suspicious science journalist in Die Zeit alled C. Dosser or Said of the University of Sinai. The Journalist in the Guardian is their friend and they arranged the article with him. The article is full of lies but it mainly reflects a soul burning with envy and hatred apart from religious and racial prejudice.

  27. Rajani says:

    The name no one refers to is either a suspicious science journalist in Die Zeit called C. Dosser or Said of the University of Sinai. The Journalist in the Guardian is their friend and they arranged the article with him. The article is full of lies but it mainly reflects a soul burning with envy and hatred apart from religious and racial prejudice.

  28. Heinrich Gauss says:

    The name of the Journalist responsible for the defamatory article is wrongly spelled in the previous comment. His name is Christoph Droesser. I know him personally very well. I am very worried that very soon there will be a big problem involving DIE ZEIT. I think those responsible in DIE ZEIT which was always a respected weekly newspaper in Germany are not aware of the big problem they will find themselves in because of this article of Christoph Droesser. The article is miserably researched, it is full with exaggeration and on the whole beneath a respectable newspaper like Die Zeit. It was totally unnecessary. Of course DIE ZEIT is afraid to back off and admit a mistake of fear to loose their prestige. I think this is a wrong policy. They loose much more if they keep repeating lies on their Zeit-online. Hiding behind formal and legalistic arguments will not distract from the truth. The truth is Christoph Droesser was not telling the truth in Court in Hamburg. He has never spoken to Professor Peitgen and Professor Peitgen has never said what Christoph Droesser is writing. Unless this article is taken of the net I am predicting a very bad outcome.
    Heinrich Gauss

  29. Rolf Unbehauen says:

    Es war reiner Zufall das ich einen blog gefunden habe in dem folgende Schlagzeilen stehen
    Skandal bei der ZEIT. Die ZEIT vertuscht eklatante Diffamierung. Die Machenschaften der Zeit im Gerichtshof. Die Namen des Journalisten Christoph Droesser, Giovanni di Lorenzo und Michael Naumann tauchen immer wieder in unglaublichen Zusammenhagen in diesem Artikel auf. Es ist sogar die Rede von einem Entschuldigungsbrief des Altbundeskanzlers an Professor Otto Rossler und auch an Mohamed El Naschie. Ich finde dies alles nicht mehr amusant, da es das demokratische Deutschland in ein sehr schlechtes Licht ruckt.

  30. Ozalp says:

    This is a direct answer to Rolf Unbehauen comment: If an influential and highly respected German newspaper like Die Zeit starts covering up lies or even mistakes of its editors and journalists as claimed in the case of Mr. Christoph Droesser then this would be alarming indeed. It would mean that Germany is falling back to times when might was right. I am sure this is an isolated incident. I am also sure that German democracy will survive the new Moslem phobia blowing through Europe. The incident of the murder in the court in Dresden was bad enough. However it is an isolated incident and should not be linked to the defamation campaign against Mohamed El Naschie. There is no comparison between the two. The intrigues against Mohamed El Naschie did not start in Germany. Even if some of the people involved may have had or still have the German nationality. The fact that the Ex-Chancellor of Germany found it necessary to write a kind letter of apology to Prof. Mohamed El Naschie is a proof that democracy is alive and kicking in Germany and there is no going back to the Nazi times.

  31. Jason says:

    Hi Derek,
    As you can see, this cobwebby old thread has become a hangout for the Naschie Party. I hope you don’t delete their posts, which are fascinating in the same way that a train wreck is fascinating.
    Everyone, please note that Derek has a newer El Naschie thread.

  32. BM Sidley says:

    I was discussing the disgraceful affair of Jan Hendrik Schone. My friend reminded me of the despicable media witch hunt which sometimes exceptionally good scientists are subjected to. False accusations in science are not uncommon. In fact most of the accusations of fraud in science turn out sooner or later to be tendacious or downright criminal. The false accusations against Mohamed El Naschie are very similar to those made against Thereza Imanisha-Kari who was a colleague of Nobel laureate David Baltimore. Mohamed El Naschie is a senior colleague of Nobel laureate Gerard tHooft. Not only that but he is a very close personal friend to the entire family. Therefore I find it extremely disheartening to see that the media on the internet is not rehabilitating Prof. El Naschie with the same enthusiasm with which they defamed him. For instance the famous mathematician John Baez from the Dept. of Math. Of Riverside University in California, USA owes El Naschie a big apology. I have just read an article by Baez praising the golden mean to the sky. A few months earlier he was calling anybody who deals with the golden mean like El Naschie a crackpot. Occasionally it is very easy to find out the truth about things even if one is not a specialist. The citation index of Mohamed El Naschie is in the order of 4,000. By contrast the citation index of this man who made it his business to defame Prof. El Naschie, a certain mathematician from Croatia with a remarkable name Zoran Skoda is only 10 or 12. Jealousy seems to be an affliction to which scientists and not only film stars are prone. I must say that Nature seems to be the exception. Despite the high profile and the high prestige of Nature as the leading scientific magazine in the world, they have withdrawn all their allegations and have conducted a thorough investigation to find out how they were wrongly led to write the defamatory article against El Naschie. There is no doubt that the damage done to molecular electronics by Schones deception is tremendous. However it is nothing compared to the damage wrongly caused to Imanisha-Kari and Mohamed El Naschie. I think Dr. Renate Loll from the Dept. of Physics University of Utrecht Holland also owes a big apology for the witch hunt El Naschie was subjected to. She more than anyone else knows the reason and the force behind it.

  33. anon says:

    This is just a typical abstract paper for one of the greatest member of E-infinity club and El naschie supporter namely Ji-Huan He and his company.
    Hierarchy of wool fibers and its interpretation using E-infinity theory
    Chaos, Solitons & Fractals,
    In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 9 August 2008
    Ji-Huan He, Zhong-Fu Ren, Jie Fan, Lan Xu
    Why do wool fibers show excellent advantages in warmth-retaining and many other practical properties? The paper concludes that their hierarchical structure is the key. Using E-infinity theory, its Hausdorff dimension is estimated to be about 4.2325, very close to El Naschie’s E-infinity dimension, 4.2360, revealing an optimal structure for wool fibers.
    I suggest for the next time that author study tefal coating and how things can’t stick to it. And how this related to its fractal properties and in turn to its Hausdorff dimension. That is could be an amazing application of El naschie’s E-infinity theory.
    Of course this can explain that El naschie is using anti-tefal to stick forever to Elsevier even if he has set to retire.
    One can find many funny papers for Huan about
    E-infinity Theory (El Naschie Space-time theory)
    You will find a treasure of comic papers
    E-Infinity theory and the Higgs field, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 31, Issue 4, February 2007, Pages 782-786 (2007)
    E-Infinity theory predicts nine more elementary particles to be discovered in a standard model including…
    Twenty-six dimensional polytope and high energy spacetime physics (with Lan Xu, Li-Na Zhang, and Xu-Hong Wu), Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 33 (2007) 5–13 (2007)
    We give the exact geometrical shape and study the combinatorial properties of higher dimensional polytopes…
    Application of E-infinity theory to biology, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 28, Issue 2, April 2006, Pages 285-289 (2006)
    Albert Einstein combined continuous space and time into his special relativity, El-Naschie discovered the transfinite…
    Application of E-infinity theory to biology, Chaos Solitons and fractals, Volume 28, Issue 2, April 2006, Pages 285-289 (2006)
    Albert Einstein combined continuous space and time into his special relativity, El-Naschie discovered the transfinite…

  34. Anon says:

    All the comments against El Naschie are the fabrication of a common criminal whose name is Said. Said is the husband of Shadia Al Shishini who was convicted for three years hard labor in Egypt. Said and Shadia are convinced that without Prof. Mohamed El Naschie they would not have been convicted for theft and forgery of an elderly rich lady. You can read all about that in a blog called The Truth about Dr. Said

  35. Wmb3 says:

    The Proprietor of this blog may like to have a look at Sarah Limbricks article dated 2 Nov 2009. It is clear from this article entitled Editor of Scientific journal sues Nature that El Naschie has taken serious legal steps against the subject matter of your blog. El Naschie has hired one of Englands leading libel experts and a well established firm Collyer Bristow of London. It will definitely be a long and costly legal battle. However it is now clear to any level headed person that El Naschie must have profound reasons to take this step in the High Court. I think it is the new culture of internet defamation which must be stopped. Without the internet the allegations made by N Category Cafe could not have been possible and consequently this entire regrettable affair.

  36. Buddy says:

    The time of Huxley and Darwin were the golden age of science. Now we have funding, American style. Once you have money playing such a fundamental role, as is the case in big science, then for better or worse, ethical standards change. You remember a theorem a day means promotion and pay. Mohamed El Naschie was of course quite naïve. He is an engineer. High energy physics is not his professional work. He practices it in a gentlemanly manor as a hobby. He was woken up in a bitter way. Unlike engineers prizes are the only way for theoretical physicists to come to big chunks of money. Do I need to say more? Good luck with your litigation. You will need all your savings, El Naschie that is, to pay your lawyers.

  37. David says:

    It is not just a matter of funding which is behind the defamatory article in Nature. I think prestigious prizes also play a fundamental role. I read that somewhere on the net but strangely it was removed. The prize in question seems to be the Nobel Prize. Some say that not even the devil could have thought of something as harmful to science as the Nobel Prize. They reckon it is not the prize money itself but the publicity which the Nobel Prize brings. In turn this is translated into money. Noting the recent discovery of the sleaze at the Ivy Leagues in the US I am not astonished that this cash is badly needed. If this is true for Harford why should it not be true for the Einstein Inst. in Berlin or the University of Utrecht in Holland. The names involved with Mohamed El Naschie are quite interesting. Somebody wrote yesterday that he would not be astonished if a best seller comes out of this horrific story in the next few years. It is alright for some. The same writer said try as hard as he can, he simply cannot fathom how the Editor in Chief of Nature could allow this tabloid piece to be published in his journal. He must have his reasons or he had a very deep snooze. He added that he may have had too much respect for Nature just as he used to have for the Nobel Committee. This implies that he has none any longer which is interesting. Finally the writer noted that Mohamed El Naschie had no vested interest and certainly no materialistic interest in publishing his papers because he was sufficiently rich and famous before turning to theoretical physics. The author of this remarkable comment closed by noting that any successful engineer who leaves engineering to be become a theoretical physicist should have his head checked. In other words, he doubts the sanity of theoretical physicists, Mohamed El Naschie included.

  38. E. Islam says:

    The point which some Moslem scientists in fact most Moslem scientists cannot comprehend is that they will never be accepted in the West as equal. This is particularly the case for Mohamed El Naschie. He is not only a Moslem he is an Arab and worse still, he is Egyptian and on top of that, he is an engineer and not a physicist. Suppose we wake up tomorrow and we find an experimental verification of his theory. Suppose the unthinkable happens and exact measurements show that the golden mean is the holy grail of theoretical high energy physics. Do you think they will give Mohamed El Naschie the credit for discovering the golden mean in quantum mechanics? Never! They will always find an Israeli, an American or a Russian who found it first. Did you see the film about Christianizing Iraq? This is not a film about fanatic Moslems. It is made in Afghanistan. It is a film made in Germany about fanatic Christians who want to Christianize Iraq. Brothers, will you ever learn? History says Moslems do not learn the easy way unless they start relying on themselves and I can see this happening right now.

  39. Tariq says:

    One of the most nauseating experiences for most of us was the false announcement of the demise of Mohamed El Naschie but the new Nazi Zionist site of a perverted homonculous Jason. Most people would simply turn their back shuddering from the obscenity of this creature and what he inundates with on his despicable blog. We all suspect that Jason is no other person but those who defamed Mohamed El Naschie with such criminal vigor. They are the same people behind the despicable tabloid article of Nature and the even more despicable article by Christoph Drosser in Die Zeit, a shadowy yellow paper published in Hamburg, Germany. It came to our knowledge that Nature’s lawyers are livid about the negative press reporting on the science magazine Nature throughout the Arab world. What do these characters expect? They destroy peoples’ lives, fiddle with prize money and even scientific fact and then expect that no one moves a hand? The establishment, which is behind those who are behind the criminal actions were mocking Mohamed El Naschie for the use of fractals and the golden mean in quantum mechanics. It must be a shock for them to see that the Helmholz Institute in Germany spearhead an experimental program which had as a final result the confirm of Mohamed El Naschie’s theory. The pillars of quantum mechanics are fractals. More precisely they are golden mean fractals, better known as random elementary Cantor sets. These Cantor sets possess a Hausdorff dimension equal to the golden mean. Heavenly justice indeed.

  40. Darryl Moffet says:

    Nature’s Lawyer Taylor Wessing supposedly a reputable law firm is losing its marble. The reason is as childish and idiotic as one could possibly think. El Naschie is giving interviews in Arabic newspapers scorning Nature and its low standards. Quoting from the obscene site called Watching El Naschie day and night, they say he gave false information about the High Court Case El Naschie versus McMillan, Nature and Quirin Schermeier. El Naschie is supposed to have said he more or less he won the case and that Nature will pay him ten million pounds. I am not sure about the ten million pounds but I am sure that El Naschie has more or less won the case. Nature has no case whatsoever. Anyone familiar with British libel law knows that for sure. The third point is that Taylor Wessing is using all conceivable delay tactics. Complaining about interviews in Arabic newspapers must be an expression of Taylor Wessing’s desperate attempt to defend their client. They should know better. England is not the USA where noise and big words could score anything with the court. English judges are very cool. On the other hand, Taylor Wessing could not find a client who is more willing to pay than the rich McMillan. The lawyers of El Naschie are confident that they will win the case. Collyer Bristow are far more professional than Taylor Wessing. They have their client under control. They are calling the shots and setting out the tactics. By contrast Taylor Wessing are counting time sheets. I am ready to bet one to ten that Nature is going to lose this case no matter how well connected they think they are. Nature has been twisting things for too long and there is something like a backlash now particularly with regards to environmental issues. Quirin Schermeier lied and his colleague in Die Zeit Christoph Drosser, is on the records of the courts in Hamburg as a blatant liar. Wouldn’t it be better for Nature to donate the money they are spending on a hopeless lawsuit to some charity or even to scientific research?

  41. annonymous says:

    Pleading for your client. This is a derogatory term used among solicitors and barristers to refer to a frequent misuse of court procedure. A solicitor or a barrister should be pleading the case of his client to convince the court. When the client is rich and his case is weak, lesser solicitor firms tend to write lengthy letters to convince their clients, not the court, that they are doing a great job. The pleadings following from these letters are full of strong language, irrelevant occurrences and many points which are neither here nor there. When they ultimately loose the case they can blame the court for being biased or having not understood the depth of the case and making a wrong judgment. I am afraid Taylor Wessing is slipping into this role. I fully agree with the previous comment but I also know about some truly silly correspondence emanating from the Middle East. The main thrust of this correspondence is that because of El Naschie’s clout in the Arab countries being considered a hero, he is giving too many TV and newspaper interviews in which he pours scorn upon Nature. Whether this is true or not, it is truly irrelevant to the case. The case in the High Court is all about an irresponsible journalist. For reasons better known to himself, the German correspondent of Nature, Quirin Schiermeier chose to write a tabloid article about El Naschie with minimal facts and maximum excitement. The ingredients of the excitement could be anything including fiction and lies. For instance it is totally untrue that any professor in Frankfurt spoke to Quirin Schiermeier or made the statements about El Naschie which Schiermeier reported. There is no place for justification in the defence of Nature. I was able to read most of the documents in this case and my professional opinion is that which the previous comment concluded. It is sad to see my most favorable scientific magazine being the subject of such an unpleasant case. The sooner Taylor Wessing advise their client correctly, the better it is for Nature.

  42. Annonymous2 says:

    Dear Dr. Lowe, In all fairness to you as well as to Mohamed El Naschie you should change the name of your article. Mohamed did not take the easy way. Research your subject and you will find out that this man did not need money or fame at any point in his career. Don’t take a single word of mine for granted. Just check it thoroughly. He is not a deranged mathematician or a daydreaming theoretical physicist. The man was trained as an engineer. He is down to earth even level headed. He was very successful at whatever he was doing. More by coincidence than design, he discovered golden mean fractals. He was able to derive many fundamental results using the elementary technique of golden mean binary. This led him to realize that there is a fundamental geometry underlying everything else. There are many names for this geometry. Depending on ambition, goal and starting point you could find that some geometries are more general than others. You can read about all these geometries in many of the papers published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals. There is no law forbidding a Founding Editor in Chief from publishing in his own journal. Why should El Naschie be bothered to edit a huge journal free of charge and paying occasionally out of his own pocket. If the answer is not monetary gain or fame because the guy possesses both of them, then it must be dedication to something he found to be so enormously important to justify confronting the establishment head on. Now that the golden mean has been found experimentally as the basis for quantum mechanics, you should at least give the man his due. If you cannot do that, you should at least refrain from derogatory remarks and defamatory allegations. If you cannot change your article, why don’t you write a new one with the new information at your disposal now. Isn’t that what you expect from a scientist? Isn’t that why you expect from any honorable person? It is for you to judge.
    Sincerely yours,

  43. Man, this place is a sockpuppet wasteland! How sick do you have to be to talk all to yourself in the last… let me count… you wrote all comments starting at #25 up to #42, except #33. that is 17 comments! Man… I am sorry for you. We will have to see how many strikes you got on the Naschienal Socialist Crackpot Index.
    Yeah, maybe we will invent that index just for you!
    Do you expect us to read that all, all this propaganda again? Uh. I guess we could start an Elsevier magazine of our own soon about Naschienal Socialist research. With all that material you provide here.
    Look at you! You accuse others of racial hatred and all you can think of are inflamatory lies are full of racial hate, prejudice and your misogynistic and xenophobic paranoia rounds it off. You are so full of hate, fear and mindless panic.
    You think trying to make mischief between nations that reach each other the hands is an adequate means of trying to detract from Mohammed El Naschie living a lie?
    I’m sorry for you.
    Come to our blog. All your comments can have a home there.

  44. Randy Plock says:

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