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Snake Oil

One Conspiracy After Another

Here’s a cartoon by someone who’s been down the “Who are these people on the internet who think they know chemistry?” path. Many of you will be able to relate!

5 comments on “One Conspiracy After Another”

  1. Morten G says:

    Not sure I trust a cartoonist that doesn’t know what glutamate excitotoxicity is… (yeah yeah, I know that’s a result of misregulation of neurotransmitter release and not glutamate intake but I’m trying to be a superior sceptic here).

  2. Agree, but... says:

    This is better if you read it after deleting the paragraph of reductio ad absurdum. Fortress of Doom references are not great for credibility.

  3. Just like Morten G, I was going to mention that excitotoxicity does exist (including with glutamate). It’s been implicated as the toxicity pathway for a number of drugs.
    But of course, eating glutamate is not going to kill your brain cells.

  4. mittimithai says:

    Thanks for the info, I was unaware that excitotoxicity was a precise neuro/bio-chemical term, so “excited to death” is true in that specific context but as everyone is saying, this has nothing to do with dietary intake.
    There is a note at the bottom of the post now.
    Thanks for the link Derek!

  5. Mina says:

    Along the same lines, XKCD has a great take on ‘vitamins kill cancer’ memes…

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