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Chemistry Job Postings: Worth a Try

Once in a while I’ve mentioned open chemistry positions here on the site, but I’ve decided that I really should make it a more regular feature. I’ve been worried about the extra workload that it might bring on here, but I think it might work. Chemjobber already does this, of course, and I’d recommend that everyone in the market keep an eye on his blog for information. But on a trial basis, I’ll posting occasional notices that I get through e-mail, from people specifically trying to reach this blog’s audience. I’ve created a new category (“Job Postings”) for anyone wanting to put all of these together.
So here’s an open call for anyone who has openings that the chemists around this site might be able to fill. Send along your details, with some sort of contact information, and I’ll put them up as separate short notices here. No warranty is expressed or implied on either side, naturally – I’ll just be serving as a middleman, and no money is changing hands. This is pro bono, and we’ll see how it works out!

13 comments on “Chemistry Job Postings: Worth a Try”

  1. Chemjobber says:

    No money changing hands?!? But I’m getting rich, rich!, I’m telling you, from posting links to C&EN Jobs. /sarcasm

  2. Dave K says:

    Thanks Derek –

  3. Dave K says:

    Thanks Derek –

  4. David Formerly Known as a Chemist says:

    Not to be a wet blanket, but I’ve never, NEVER, gotten a job from responding to a job ad. All my jobs were discovered through networking and word-of-mouth. Derek, I think posting these things creates false hope, and anyone looking for a job will surely have seen the few positions you’re apt to post. Just my 2 pennies.

  5. Teddy Z says:

    I agree with #4. I tell people its not what you know, its who you know. For every job you see posted, they have already identified their top candidate and are just publicly posting it to comply with whatever EEOC/whatever laws they need to do to not get sued. I mean it can’t hurt and I think it is noble that you are doing this, but I would imagine as #4 says, this will create false hope.

  6. anon says:

    Re #4 and #5. Some positions are like that most certainly not all. I too have never gotten a job without a personal contact, but we’ve hired many without such.

  7. opsomath says:

    I got a job off of They don’t always have people in mind already, they just sometimes do.

  8. Am I Lloyd peptide says:

    #4: I think it depends on the organization and is more likely to be true of big companies. I got my current job by simply responding to an ad, and very quickly at that (within a week of applying I had an offer). The reason was that in my small outfit the applications were directly shuttled from the HR manager to the CSO so that your qualifications could be assessed right away. Being small helps.

  9. SAR Screener says:

    re 4,5,6
    3 of the 4 jobs I’ve had have been from applying for an advertised job with people who had never heard of me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i got my first job by emailing at 2 am with no idea if they actually had an opening.

  11. watcher says:

    don’t do this. you already make too many assumptions, state too many personal biases, and could well screw up what you might think is available for jobs, when they really don’t or are not yet certain to exist. Just do you commentary-thing, as that seems to keep you busy enough (or it should) with your real job.

  12. karldcollins says:

    #3 I am fairly sure most people read this blog to hear Derek’s assumptions and biases – in other words, his opinion – that is the point of many blogs. If you don’t like what you read, then don’t read it. There is no need for sniping!

  13. karldcollins says:

    That should be #11 !

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