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Holiday Blogging

Starting today, blogging here will move to the irregular holiday schedule. Look for recipes and the like over the next couple of weeks, interspersed with occasional relevant topics as they come up. I hope everyone with a break has a good one – I’ll be working The Chemistry Book and the Things I Won’t Work With collection (as well as lounging around, naturally).
I’d also like to thank everyone who’s bought through the Amazon links in the “Science Gifts” posts I’ve put up in the last couple of weeks. The commission loot is very much appreciated, and I pledge to use it wisely. Fairly wisely.

7 comments on “Holiday Blogging”

  1. SteveM says:

    Here’s one:
    Apple Cider
    Shot of Torani Syrup
    World Market carries a large selection of sugar free Torani syrups in 750 ml bottles. Try the Hazelnut or Caramel with rum and cider. Great over ice or heated up in mug.
    P.S. you can get bottle pouring spouts from Bed, Bath & Beyond

  2. Hap says:

    You have children – do you ever get to lounge around (unless someone is child-sitting, or whatever you do with older ones) or is “lounge around” relative to your normal crowded schedule?

  3. exGlaxoid says:

    As my Christmas gift, here is a nice paper about one of your companies compounds.

  4. cancer_man says:

    Can you take a break after you comment on what Sinclair’s group recently published in Cell? Much oblliged.

  5. Anonymous BMS Researcher says:

    I look forward to both books, but especially “Things I won’t work with.”
    Inquiring minds want to know: with which of those are you LEAST willing to work? Mrs. Anonymous BMS Researcher votes for that hexanitro etc. wurtzitane compound. Neither of us expects to see THAT structure on any Powerpoint slides at either of our workplaces any time soon (though if I have any Working Group meetings on April 1st I’ll be tempted to throw it in 🙂

  6. jbosch says:

    Duck with persian rice is very high on our cooking list for one of these days. Also high up is goose, traditional German way and Raclette – the adapted way, meaning more than just cheese and Swiss Rauchfleisch.
    There are not sufficient days between Christmas and New Years Eve to cook all those things I want to cook. Smoked standing rib is another one.
    Let’s see perhaps we can skip breakfast and go on a 12h eating schedule and simply have full meals every 12h ?

  7. Rich Lambert says:

    Merry Christmas

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