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Academia (vs. Industry)

A Day of Irreproducibility In Cambridge

I wanted to mention that there’s an interesting symposium on “Irreproducibility in Target Validation” taking place at Novartis (Cambridge, MA) next month, October 23. This is a topic that many an industrial biopharma researcher can relate to, and as academic centers get into more drug research, they’re joining the rueful party, too. There are a number of good speakers from both academia and industry on the schedule, so if you’re in the area, it’s worth a look. More information here.

3 comments on “A Day of Irreproducibility In Cambridge”

  1. NJBiologist says:

    Derek–Your title thoroughly confused me. For a moment, I thought you’d won an Ig Nobel.

  2. Pengwn says:

    Yes, attend this symposium while you have the chance — because if it’s at all true to its name, it will never happen again!

  3. ex-Cambridge University student says:

    An irreproducibility day in Cambridge? When I was a student at Cambridge, I suffered rejections from women for 3 whole years.

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