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Sertraline in the Courts

Potential trouble: thoughts of a link between cardiac birth defects and the antidepressant Zoloft (sertraline). Pfizer recently won such a case in Missouri, but the latest trial seems to have produced some internal documents that might lead to a different verdict. Since this is all in the context of lawsuits, the signal/noise (for an outside observer) is very, very poor, on both sides. But it’s worth keeping an eye on.

One comment on “Sertraline in the Courts”

  1. MoBio says:

    Interesting as there is long-standing preclinical data for a link between 5-HT2B serotonin receptor and cardiac malformations (Development. 1997 May;124(9):1745-55; and many others by this group) and of course fenfluramine-induced valvular heart disease. Sertraline augments 5-HT concentrations….
    Of course whether this would be linked in developing humans is unknown and difficult to say with certainty…

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