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Statnews Launches

I wanted to mention a new pharma/health news source, Statnews. This is a venture of the Boston Globe, recognizing that the Boston/Cambridge area has a massive presence in this field and that a dedicated news organization could do a lot here. They’ve assembled an excellent team of journalists, and anyone who’s followed science reporting for the last few years will recognize people off the masthead immediately. Ed Silverman and Pharmalot have a new home there, for example, and there are plenty more getting ready to launch. I’ve been down to the far southern reaches of the Red Line (well, far for me) to visit the Stat offices, and I look forward to seeing what comes out of them.

4 comments on “Statnews Launches”

  1. Joe Pharma says:

    How about that Orkambi rollout, Derek?

    Your company must be evil price gougers, huh?

  2. Claviceps says:

    No RSS feed. Dealbreaker. Too bad.

  3. DH says:

    Anyone know where the name STAT comes from? It appears in all caps as if it’s an acronym. Based on the name alone, I would have expected a site named “statnews” to cover developments in statistical science — big data, predictive analytics, etc. — rather than pharma. Indeed, there is a site named “” which covers statistical analysis of news media.

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