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Pecan Pie, Of Course

I’m taking the day off from work, in preparation for Thanksgiving here in the US. One of my activities will be to engage in this Holiday Organic Synthesis prep of chocolate pecan pie (the comments to that post have several refinements, especially for non-US readers who may have to do some ingredient substitutions). I make that one every year; the other dessert this year will be a pumpkin flan (from an old New York Times cookbook).

For readers who just started reading the site this year, be ready for the occasional recipe during December. You should never trust an organic chemist who can’t cook, as the old saying goes. Not all of them choose to (one of my colleagues back in grad school used his apartment’s oven as a filing cabinet), but if you absolutely can’t, organic synthesis may be a problem as well.

10 comments on “Pecan Pie, Of Course”

  1. Joseph says:

    When do we get your mother in law’s shirin polow?

  2. Michael Byrnes says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting a series of posts on “Foods I won’t work with”.

  3. Semichemist says:

    I think Durian would be an excellent first entry in “Foods I Won’t Work With”. Think of the sulfur compounds!

  4. Morten G says:

    Don’t trust an organic chemist, a molecular biologist, an etc who can’t cook food. There’s a surprising number of those.

  5. Mark Thorson says:

    On the other hand, electrical engineers make the worst electricians. They think they know, but they do not know.

    Black is ground, right? :-O

  6. Sam Adams the Dog says:

    Hot news flash: We still have a day:

    William Howard Taft served possum for Thanksgiving in the White House:

    Here is his recipe, via Ron McConnell:
    Skin and clean the possum.
    Marinate overnight in orange juice.*
    Splay it out on a fresh hickory board.
    Salt and pepper to taste.
    Prop it in front of a very hot open fire.
    Roast for two to three hours.
    Remove from heat.
    Allow to rest for twenty minutes.
    Remove from plank.
    Throw away the possum.
    Eat the plank.

    * Hence that old culinary number,
    the Orange Possum Special.

    I understand it goes well with this mint julep recipe, especially formulated for cold-weather production:

    “Select sprigs of mint saved from your Summer garden and stored in a cool dark place for this occasion. Make sure to select the choicer sprigs only, but do not rinse them. Prepare the simple syrup and measure out a half-tumbler of whiskey. Pour the whiskey into a warm silver cup, throw the other ingredients away, and drink the whiskey.”

    Happy T!

  7. cancer_man says:

    Derek has lost it as an objective scientist.

    Pumpkin Pie, man pumpkin pie!

    (oh , and the math problems to post keep getting harder and harder)

    1. NJBiologist says:

      Of course the math problems are getting harder–they’re the basis for Derek’s new cryptocurrency, Pipelinecoin. You’re helping Derek mine it every time you post!

  8. Not medchem says:

    There is a huge amount of organic chemists that cannot cook! Especially in medchem, don’t know why…

  9. HTSguy says:

    Had your tortilla / hoisin sauce / scallion / leftover turkey recipe twice this weekend – Yum!

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