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Speaking at Northeastern

For those in the Boston area, I keep forgetting to mention that I’ll be giving a talk at Northeastern U on Thursday night. The talk starts at 7, at 115 Hurtig Hall (360 Huntington Ave.) The student affiliate ACS chapter is having a joint meeting with some other local chapters, so there should be a pretty good crowd, but the organizers are fine with anyone else showing up who’d like to. It’ll be an informal talk on several subjects, not a major-motion-picture sort of presentation.

2 comments on “Speaking at Northeastern”

  1. anon says:

    Sadly, I can’t make it. When is the book signing? Please let us know in advance.

  2. Krishna says:

    Yay! I’ll try and make it this time around (I missed you the last time you were at NEU).

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