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Day Off

Judging from the traffic this morning, a good part of the working world has today off, and I’m going to take a one-day holiday from blogging. I’m at work, though, and will be pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge at my usual pace (at least). No six-hundred-degree wads of magnesium turnings, though, that’s for sure. I’ll see everyone on Monday!

4 comments on “Day Off”

  1. Sili says:

    Be careful. Even if you think you’ve stomped out the magnesium fires today, they may come back Sunday.

  2. Anonymous Researcher snaw says:

    There will be many fires on Saturday night at churches where they have Easter Vigil services. Occasionally one of those fires gets out of control.

  3. Dr. Manhattan says:

    A day off…just as Craig Ventner drops another big one on the world in Science, proving that we don’t even understand simple systems!

  4. PorkPieHat says:

    A day off. . . just as Forum Pharmaceuticals fails in two large phase III trials in schizophrenia and has both large AD trials on clinical hold. Proving that we certainly dont understand these two diseases well enough.

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