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AstraZeneca Cutting Back Again

I’ve had word that AstraZeneca’s neuroscience unit in Cambridge (MA) is closing, with work on that therapeutic area being shifted back to the UK. This would seem to be part of the same restructuring and cutback that hit their Medimmune site in Maryland last week. Do they have anything more like this coming on?


Update: AstraZeneca confirms.

10 comments on “AstraZeneca Cutting Back Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe many of the people in the iMed were notified back in late April/early May with many of the employee’s last day being the end of May. They notified, at least, some of the collaborators that they would be terminating those collaborations as well. From my perspective the iMed was not run well from the outset with many people being disbursed in different locales and not having much structure when it came to meetings.

    1. GarageRunner says:

      Structured meetings is the key to success………

      1. 7 red lines says:

        indeed – and here’s a pretty good example, with a nod to Expertology

  2. simpl says:

    Likely a consequence of losing Crestor? This was their big seller – now that it has been around for a decade, does anyone have an opinion on the “best” statin?

  3. simpl says:

    related to their loss of Crestor to the generic world.
    Now it has been around for a decade, any opinions on whether it is the “best” statin?

  4. Roy Hinkley says:

    Not sure how much press this got, but AZ is closing down it’s Ardea subsidiary in San Diego as well. Putting the resource eggs in the oncology basket.

    It reminds me of the “Focus to Win” acronym at Pfizer. They all run together, of course. I can’t remember whether I was focused to win or Adapted to Scale.

  5. Magrinho says:

    Win Through Focus is more appropriate. The WTF banners and posters will at least ring true.

  6. Mere Chemist says:

    The Neuroscience “Virtual iMed” was created after the closure in 2010 of AZ labs in Wilmington and Sodertalje dedicated to CNS (2 of 5 research site closures across 4 countries during 2010-2012). Speaks volumes if the Virtual iMed is now going the same way as the real thing.

    Any news on AZ-Moderna – another turkey that should be coming home to roost some time soon?

  7. Not my usual helix based pun username says:

    Not sure how significant this is to anyone other than those of us heartbroken to lose valued coworkers, but AMRI just purged about 15 % across the board. I realise we’re pretty small potatoes compared to Merck, etc, but we still all sweat, bleed, and cry for this place.

    1. Longtime listener, first-time caller says:

      I don’t know anyone at AMRI, but I’m sorry to hear that. Anyone who’s worked in this field for enough time has been through a round of cuts, maybe several, and I’d like to think that shared traumatic experience creates a bond of understanding.

      “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

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