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I’m traveling for the next couple of days, so regular blog posting will resume on Monday. See everyone then!

6 comments on “Travel”

  1. Retro says:

    No come back man, you’re not getting out of Boston so easily!

  2. DCM says:

    Mods gone post cp

  3. spirit-chief says:

    I was really surprised to find out that Derek Lowe is a massive Prodigy fan. I was at a Keith Flint memorial recently and he got on stage and did his own rendition of Voodoo People. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he is up to this weekend.

  4. eub says:

    News: “Zolgensma” (onasemnogene abeparvovec) gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy priced at $2.125M a pop.

    (I can appreciate their position that this shouldn’t be evaluated on the scale of chronically-administered drugs, or next to delaying death from cancer by 9.3 days. We already don’t bat an eyelash at paying the occasional $2M+ in NICU totals for an early premature birth. But NICUs are visibly burning all that money on fancy hardware and staff and procedures, they’re not pocketing much of it. It bugs people that when the manufacturer’s per-unit profit is (presumably) super-high, and I can understand that too. The manufacturer needs to recoup up-front investments, sure, but then they never seem to dial down the prices voluntarily afterwards.

    If you want to play on the “non-viable orphan drug so I get subsidized with exclusivity” playing field (and I’m happy for that to exist), it’s only fair to expect some limits on how long you can milk the profitable drugs.)

    1. PhotoDeTox says:

      Interesting questions. Besides there is an Oligonucleotide drug on the market already (Spinraza >100’000/year) and a promising orally bioactive small molecule from Roche in late stage clinical trials. Looks like a battle of modalities here. Good news for the patients. And in terms of modalities: who will be the winner here?

  5. LemurCatta says:

    When Derek’s away, the mice will play (and they will post anagrams).

    “In the Pipeline”, Derek Lowe’s commentary on drug discovery and the pharma industry
    = Add my kinda drugs here! Love potion no. nine! Cherry cream with dietary supplements!

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