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Blog Housekeeping

I have a lot of interesting topics backed up ready to go, but unfortunately there’s been too much going on today for a full blog post. I’ll see everyone on Monday!

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  1. Lazy guy says:

    Have a nice weekend, Derek!

  2. loupgarous says:

    Hey, we’re just grateful you do the writing you do – you and the other responders are a real resource to those who enjoy your work. Have a good weekend!

    1. Generics Novice says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Derek’s posts are always an fascinating break from the monotony of my work week. Hopefully you’re busy for good reasons!

  3. Kent Matlack says:

    A well deserved rest. Your combination of volume and quality is very impressive.

    Here’s a paper from Nature about the structural properties of proteins that allow allostery that I think might appeal to you:

  4. JSN says:

    Just to add, I think Derek writes beautifully.

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