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Days Off

I’ll be taking a few days off here (nothing to do with the aducanumab approval – this has been planned for a while!) So barring some truly mighty developments, I’ll see everyone here on Monday. Who knows what we’ll be talking about by then!

18 comments on “Days Off”

  1. first says:


  2. Ken says:

    “nothing to do with the aducanumab approval”

    So, any reports of a mysterious figure (perhaps dressed as a bat) breaking into FDA commissioners’ homes and convincing them of the error of their ways, will have absolutely nothing to do with you.

    1. DCL says:

      Bat? Of course not, the other Derek Lowe was a pitcher.

  3. Aaron says:

    Good for you! Taking some time off. Relax and enjoy some life.

  4. Tim says:

    Enjoy! How about when you get back something on KRAS mutations cancer and possibly covalent drugs. To my part-time chemist’s eye, Sotorasib looks like a candidate electrophile for the G12C KRAS mutation, no?

  5. Semichemist says:

    Enjoy your time off! You’ll spend a ton of it reminiscing about things you won’t work with, right? …..right?

  6. Mansour says:

    Wow Thanks For Sharing.

  7. Gus says:

    So anyway – it seems to me covid is ‘very’ different to other coronaviruses.

    1. A wide range of symptoms that are constantly being updated.
    Common cold – you get t a runny fucking nose.
    Covid – not only can the symptoms vary widely depending on the person (that’s unusual in and of itself – usually viruses have pretty much the same effect on everyone right? ) but not only this the symptoms appear to be changing in a short space of time – so last month it was a cough, headaches, fever, maybe loss of smell – this month with the indian/delta variant loss of smell has gone but sore throats are still in vogue with a runny nose now the symptom to look out for. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on – viruses in the past had ONE SET OF SYMPTOMS that rarely changed except for the odd outlier – this thing is like a constantly morphing viral chameleon – has any virus ever been known to behave like this before virus people?

    2. If symptoms are changing that means its mutation – and fast . How is it mutating so quickly ? How does the rate of mutation compare to other coronaviruses?

    Im not one for conspiracies at all – I hate that stuff – to me most conspirciies are either to cove rup incompetence or misdirect people away from real issues – but there is something decidedly different about this virus compared to others it seems to me. To me, this indicates that the virus was artificially tampered with to make it harder for vaccines and treatment to work. Also, it does seem strange that people in China have more resistance to it. I am praying that I’m just a conspiracy nut and someone who really is qualified will explain why this is not the case…. My current hypothesis as a clueless and hopefully just paranoid layperson, is that yes they were working on it in the lab – but no they did not leak it deliberately – that was due to incompetence. Thoughts?

    1. Just Another Chemist says:

      1. Most respiratory viruses have the same set of symptoms; sore throat, runny nose, fever… but COVID is in the news constantly so everything about it is publicized often by journalists that don’t know what they are talking about. If you look at some papers on “common cold” coronaviruses you see that not all symptoms effect all people the same (
      2. They symptom “changes” aren’t as much a matter of mutation, but rather due to changes in reporting. The mutation rate is essentially the same as other coronaviruses, but since it has infected so many millions of people there are more chances for it to mutate. You can see the same thing in common cold 229E (
      There is no real evidence that it came from a lab, you are just a paranoid layperson (your words)

      1. Gus says:

        and now a “no longer paranoid” layperson – thanks for the clear explanation and references!

    2. M. says:

      You got other coronaviruses when you were a child. You had a mild disease several times, as you got them again and again, in several different strains each. By the time you were an adult, you had a mature, multifaceted resistance to all four species.

      The new coronavirus behaves very similarly in children. It’s slightly more dangerous (given MIS-C), but we are still mostly seeing runny noses etc. These children are going to get colds from SARS-CoV-2 later in life.

      For adults, it’s a different story, and we’re watching what first-time coronavirus infection at that age looks like. The differences in symptoms are side-effects of how quickly and efficiently the virus enters the body and spreads, nothing more. No conspiracy theories are needed.

      1. Gus says:

        Thankyou this makes perfect sense

  8. Chemist says:

    I miss the days when this blog has a smaller but more educated audience.

    1. sgcox says:

      Do not worry, this too shall pass.
      Hopefully soon.

    2. Matt says:

      so how about you try and help educate people that are open to learning and asking questions instead of making snide remarks ?

  9. I miss the days when this blog has a smaller but more educated audience.

  10. jbosch says:

    Reduce EtOH intake and increase H2O, as this famous greek guy said the dose matters. Enjoy your time off but not too much – what are you cooking these days?

    1. sgcox says:

      A bit of nit-picking, but Paracelsus was Swiss.
      Unless he plagiarised some ancient Greek which is entirely possible.

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