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    Young Blood and Old Blood

    So let’s do a non-coronavirus post for the weekend. Over the years, I’ve sporadically reported on the (rather contentious) field of aging and its biochemical implications. Many readers will recall the results of the past few years that claim that infusion of young-animal plasma into aged animals seems to have many beneficial effects. Of… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Metformin and Exercise

    I’ve written about metformin quite a few times over the years on the blog, and for several reasons. It is (for starters) obviously a frontline drug for treatment of Type 2 diabetes, a condition that has unfortunately become more and more common in the world as the world puts on more and more weight. (Side… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    VCAM1 As a Player in the Aging Brain

    Possible intervention targets for age-related degeneration are always welcome, particularly when they come bearing experimental evidence, and even more so when they relate to the central nervous system. That’s the case with this new paper, from a multicenter team led out of Stanford. Interestingly, this also ties in with the well-publicized … Read More
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    Cellular Rejuvenation, For Real

    There’s been a good amount of coverage of this paper, which is certainly worth a read. It concerns the “Yamanaka factors”, four proteins whose expression seems to be key for induced pluripotent stem cells and many other cellular programs besides. This latest work shows that cyclic expression of these in adult (indeed, elderly) rod… Read More
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    Isotopes, Get Your Revivifying Isotopes

    Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor – at least, the ground floor of a pitch you probably haven’t heard before. The chemists and biologists in the crowd will be familiar with how isotopic enrichment takes place in biological systems. Bonds between heavier atoms are slightly harder to break, making the rate constants… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    A Shady Trial?

    The “young blood” research field is moving right along, but there are reasons to wonder about some of the directions it’s moving in. I’m referring, of course, to the results that have shown profound effects of younger plasma on older animals, and the big question is what the effects are on older humans. The Stanford… Read More
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    Subtle Changes Can Be Yours, for Fifty Dollars a Month

    Several people have sent me a link to Elysium Health, and I can’t say that it’s improved my morning. This is a supplement company founded by (among others) Leonard Guarente of MIT, who is of course well-known for his work in the study of longevity and aging. The company advertises a large and impressive board of… Read More
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    The Samumed Story

    Biopharma can be a weird place. Breakthroughs happen, although not as often as the press releases would have everyone believe, and we certainly don’t always see them coming. So when word comes of some amazing new therapy, you can’t dismiss it out of hand, because amazing new therapies do arrive from time to time, and… Read More
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    A Nobel for DNA Repair

    This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Tomas Lindahl of the Crick Institute, Paul Modrich of Duke/Howard Hughes Medical Institue and Aziz Sancar of UNC – Chapel Hill, for mechanisms of DNA repair. Here’s the press release, and here (PDF) is the detailed scientific background from the Nobel committee. This is not a prize th… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    The First Real Anti-Aging Trial in Humans

    I’ve mentioned the proposed clinical trial with metformin as a general anti-aging therapy. Here’s a profile of Nir Barzilai, the principle investigator for it. Choosing metformin was as much about going in with a drug that has a very clean safety profile as anything else: “There’s nothing we don’t know about metformin,” Barzilai… Read More