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  • Aging and Lifespan

    Young Blood, Revisited

    Here’s an update on the state of those studies that showed that infusing blood of younger animals into olders ones reversed some effects of again. Human studies are underway – small, but worth keeping an eye on – from a startup out of Stanford called Alkahest. Their website isn’t really even running yet, but maybe… Read More
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    Another Longevity Target

    Add another potential target to the longevity list: this paper in Cell (open access, actually) provides evidence that the well-known Ras-ERK-ETS pathway is also involved in lifespan. This is work in Drosophila, which is one of the usual places to look for this sort of thing. Figure 6 in the paper proposes a way to… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Aging As a Disease

    I’ve mentioned numerous times around here that therapies directed against aging in general have a rough regulatory outlook. The FDA, in general, has not considered aging a disease by itself, but rather the baseline against which disease (increasingly) appears. This has meant that companies with ideas for anti-aging therapies have had to work… Read More
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    A Young Blood Controversy

    The recent revival of interest in the way that the blood from younger animals (and people?) can improve the health of older ones came bundled with a particular protein candidate for the effect, GDF11. Several papers appeared on its effects in vivo, but there were people who found that odd, according to Nature News. Those… Read More
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    Metformin for Aging in General?

    Here’s an interesting report in the Wall Street Journal on plans to run a large clinical trial with metformin. That compound has a lot of effects, and many of them seem as if they could be beneficial in an aging population. Dr. Barzilai expects to enroll more than 1,000 elderly participants in the randomized, controlled… Read More
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    Rapamycin And Aging: The Spotlight Shines

    Rapamycin gets the spotlight in Bloomberg Businessweek here. This is a look at what’s been set in motion by the 2009 report that the compound notably extended the life of rodents in long-term feeding studies. It’s a good article, and gets some interesting quotes from Mark Fishman of Novartis and many others. One of the… Read More
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    Ibuprofen For a Longer Life?

    Here’s one that I didn’t expect: a report that ibuprofen extends lifespan in model organisms. Here we show that ibuprofen increased the lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster, indicative of conserved eukaryotic longevity effects. Studies in yeast indicate that ibuprofen destabilizes the… Read More
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    Google’s Calico Moves Into Reality

    Google’s Calico venture, the company’s out-there move into anti-aging therapy, has made the news by signing a deal with AbbVie (the company most of us will probably go on thinking of as Abbott). That moves them into the real world for sure, from the perspective of the rest of the drug industry, so it’s worth… Read More
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    Young Blood

    Anti-aging studies, when they make the news, fall into three unequal categories. There’s a vast pile of quackery, which mercifully isn’t (for the most part) newsworthy. There are studies whose conclusions are misinterpreted by some reporters, or overblown by one party or another. And there’s a small cohort of really interesting st… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    A Sirtuin Activator Extends Lifespan in Normal Mice

    If you haven’t seen it, the Sinclair group and numerous co-workers at the NIH and elsewhere now report that the SIRT1 activator SRT1720 extends the lifespan of mice on a diet of normal chow, and they see a number of good metabolic indicators – increase fat oxidation, decrease fat mass, increased insulin sensitivity, and so… Read More