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    Buckyball Longevity: The Lead Author Replies

    I’ve received a reply from Dr. Fathi Moussa at Université Paris-Sud, lead author of the C60 longevity paper that I blogged about here, which turned out to have a duplicated figure. With permission, here are the main points of the e-mail: Of course, you are right: in the published figure 4 the GAog and GAip… Read More
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    Resveratrol Explained. A Little Bit.

    There’s a new paper out in Cell Metabolism on resveratrol and SIRT1, and the press release from Elsevier (Cell Press) is just a tiny bit optimistic. “Study resolves controversy on life-extending red wine ingredient, restores hope for anti-aging pill”, says the headline, but believe me, no one paper is going to do that. (This entry… Read More
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    Buckyball Longevity – There’s A Problem

    We have a problem here. The paper I blogged about yesterday, on life extension effects with C60 fullerene (“buckyballs”) has a duplicated figure. This was first spotted by commenter “Flatland” yesterday. I was traveling all day, and when I came home in the evening I saw the comment and immediately realized that he was right. Read More
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    Buckyballs Prolong Life? Really?

    I’m really, really not sure what to make of this paper (PDF). It’s from a team that was studying the long-term toxicology of C60 (fullerene, “buckyballs”) by giving them to rats as a solution in olive oil. The control groups were water and olive oil without C60. The compound has already been shown to have… Read More
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    Would I Take Resveratrol? Would You?

    I’ve written many times here about sirtuins, and their most famous associated small molecule, resveratrol. And I’ve been asked more than once by people outside the med-chem field if I take (or would take) resveratrol, given the available evidence. My reply has been the same for several years: no, not yet. Why so cautious, for… Read More
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    Defending Das’ Resvertrol Research. Oh, Come On.

    I’m getting all the press releases from Bill Sardi, of Resveratrol Partners, as he does damage control from the Das scandal at UConn. And I have to say, he’s putting in the hours getting these together. Problem is, on some key points, he doesn’t know what his biggest problems are. The latest one is titled… Read More
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    A Resveratrol Research Scandal. Oh, Joy.

    My inbox has exploded with the story that many reports on the effects of resveratrol appear to be fraudulent. Prof. Dipak Das of Connecticut is at the center of what looks like a huge research stink bomb, which is being well covered by Retraction Watch (here and here), among others. The Chronicle of Higher Education… Read More
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    The Sirtuin Saga

    Science has a long article detailing the problems that have developed over the last few years in the whole siturin story. That’s a process that I’ve been following here as well (scrolling through this category archive will give you the tale), but this is a different, more personality-driven take. The mess is big enough to… Read More
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    Resveratrol in Humans: Results of a Controlled Trial

    The effects of resveratrol have been controversial, to say the least. Arguments rage about whether (and how) it affects the various sirtuin pathways, what those various sirtuin pathways are and what they do, and what the compound does in animal models at all (whether you care about the mechanism or not). That last topic recently… Read More
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    The Latest Sirtuin Controversy

    As promised, today we have a look at a possible bombshell in longevity research and sirtuins. Again. This field is going to make a pretty interesting book at some point, but it’s one that I’d wait a while to start writing, because the dust is hanging around pretty thickly. Some background: in 1999, Sir2 the… Read More