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    A Terrific Paper on the Problems in Drug Discovery

    Here’s a really interesting paper from consultants Jack Scannell and Jim Bosley in PLoS ONE, on the productivity crisis in drug discovery. Several things distinguish it: for one, it’s not just another “whither the drug industry” think piece, of which we have plenty already. This one get quantitative, attempting to figure out… Read More
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    Mutated Mutations (And Other Rodent Study Problems)

    Here’s one for the “Dang it, now I have to think about that, too” file. A recent paper suggests that there are mutations in many genetically modified mouse models that could well be confounding their phenotypes. The problem is that so many of these are done from very similar embryonic stem cells and in very… Read More
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    Is Everything Getting Fatter?

    Here’s a weird and interesting paper to think about. There’s an unfortunately clear trend in human populations towards obesity, which seems to have been especially noticeable over the last thirty years or so. (I believe that the average-thinnest US state today would have been the fattest state in 1980, just to give one vivid example).… Read More
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    Organ Models on Chips

    Why do we test new drug candidates on animals? The simple answer is that there’s nothing else like an animal. There are clearly chemical and biological features of living systems that we don’t yet understand, or even realize exist – the discovery of things like siRNAs is enough proof of that. So you’re not going… Read More
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    Whatever Happened to the Fish and the Frogs?

    Eight or ten years ago, there was a good deal of excitement about non-mammalian small animal model systems for compound screening – specifically fish and frogs. More specifically, zebrafish and Xenopus. A number of small companies started up to do this sort of thing, and large companies paid attention as well. A correspondent, though, wrote… Read More
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    Near-Animal, Near-Human: The Future of Drug Testing?

    Here’s a good article on animal models in drug discovery, and their many limitations. We have moved away from studying human disease in humans,” (Elias) Zerhouni lamented to the NIH’s Scientific Review Management Board meeting. “We all drank the Kool-Aid on that one, me included.” “The problem is that it hasn’t worked, and it’s… Read More
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    Mouse Models of Inflammation: Wrong Or Not?

    I wrote here about a study that suggested that mice are a poor model for human inflammation. That paper created quite a splash – many research groups had experienced problems in this area, and this work seemed to offer a compelling reason for why that should happen. Well, let the arguing commence, because now there’s… Read More
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    Animal Testing in the UK.

    A reader sends along news that a minister at the UK’s Home Office has made it his goal to completely eliminate animal testing in the country. Norman Baker has been a longtime activist on the issue of animal rights, and is now in a position to do something about it. Or is he? Reading the… Read More
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    Mice Hate Men

    The difficulty of doing good animal studies has come up here many times, such as the recent suggestion that many rodent facilities should adjust their thermostats. Now comes word of yet another subtle effect that no one has ever controlled for: mice apparently react different to the scent of human males as compared to human… Read More
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    A Call For Better Mouse Studies

    Here’s an article by Steve Perrin, at the ALS Therapy Development Institute, and you can tell that he’s a pretty frustrated guy. With good reason. That chart shows why. Those are attempted replicates of putative ALS drugs, and you can see that there’s a bit of a discrepancy here and there. One problem is poorly… Read More