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    Lab Mice Are Being Kept Too Cold, Apparently

    Earlier, the unsuitability of mice in inflammation models was shown in a paper that should have been noted by anyone in the field. Just last month, a paper in Science detailed the problems with many animal studies (mouse and otherwise), particularly the smaller ones, which can suffer from bad statistics and poor protocols. Now we… Read More
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    Of Mice (Studies) and Men

    Here’s an article from Science on the problems with mouse models of disease. or years, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, drug regulators, and even the general public have lamented how rarely therapies that cure animals do much of anything for humans. Much attention has focused on whether mice with different diseases accurately reflect wh… Read More
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    Mouse Models of Inflammation Are Basically Worthless. Now We Know.

    We go through a lot of mice in this business. They’re generally the first animal that a potential drug runs up against: in almost every case, you dose mice to check pharmacokinetics (blood levels and duration), and many areas have key disease models that run in mice as well. That’s because we know a lot… Read More
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    Lab Animals Wiped Out in Hurricane Sandy

    When I mentioned the people working in the research animal facilities before Hurricane Sandy, I had no idea that this was going to happen: thousands of genetically engineered and/or specially bred rodents were lost from an NYU facility due to flooding. The Fishell lab appears to have lost its entire stock of 2,500 mice, representing… Read More
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    The Mouse Trap

    If you haven’t seen it, this series by Daniel Engber at Slate, on the use of the mouse as a laboratory workhorse, is excellent. (And I’m not just saying that because he references some of my disparaging comments about xenograft models, although that did give me a chance to teach my kids what the word… Read More
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    Reboxetine Doesn’t Work. But That’s Not the Real Problem.

    Some time ago, I took nominations for Least Useful Animal Models. There were a number of good candidates, many of them from the CNS field. A recent report makes me think that these are even stronger contenders than I thought. The antidepressant reboxetine (not approved in the US, but sold in a number of other… Read More
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    Cancer Cells: Too Unstable For Fine Targeting?

    The topic of new drugs for cancer has come up repeatedly around here – and naturally enough, considering how big a focus it is for the industry. Most forms of cancer are the very definition of “unmet medical need”, and the field has plenty of possible drug targets to address. But we’ve been addressing many… Read More
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    Charles River Buys WuXi

    I don’t think we saw this one coming: Charles River Labs has announced that they’re buying WuXi PharmaTech. They’re paying about a 28% premium over Friday’s closing stock price – Charles River’s CEO will stay on, and WuXi’s founder (Li Ge) will serve as executive VP under him. Charles River, which is strong… Read More
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    Animal Studies: Are Too Many Never Published At All?

    A new paper in PLoS Biology looks at animal model studies reported for the treatment of stroke. The authors use statistical techniques to try to estimate how many have gone unreported. From a database with 525 sources, covering 16 different attempted therapies (which together come to 1,359 experiments and 19,956 animals), they find that only… Read More
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    Fat Rats Make Poor Test Subjects?

    Well, here’s a brow-furrowing paper, courtesy of PNAS. Th authors, from the National Institute on Aging, contend that most laboratory rodents are overfed, under-stimulated, and are (to use their phrase) “metabolically morbid”. This affects their suitability as control and experimental animals for a wide variety of assays. There se… Read More