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    Animal Testing: A View From the Labs

    Why do we test drugs on animals, anyway? This question showed up in the comments section from a lay reader. It’s definitely a fair thing to ask, and you’d expect that we in the business would have a good answer. So here it is: because for all we know about biochemistry, about physiology and about… Read More
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    Animal Rights, You Say?

    Novartis has had trouble for years with animal rights activists, and now things are getting nastier than ever: Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella says the people who burned down his holiday home and defiled his family’s graves are not criminals but “terrorists” beyond dialogue. In an interview with the SonntagsBlick newspaper, the 55-yea… Read More
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    Animal Models: How High to Set the Bar?

    A key step in all drug discovery programs are the cellular and animal models. The cells are the first time that the compounds are exposed to a living system (with cellular membranes that keep things out). The animals, of course, are a very stringent test indeed, with the full inventory of absorption, metabolism, and excretion… Read More
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    Whose Guess Is Better?

    I was having a discussion the other day about which therapeutic areas have the best predictive assays. That is, what diseases can you be reasonably sure of treating before your drug candidate gets into (costly) human trials? As we went on, things settled out roughly like this: Cardiovascular (circulatory): not so bad. We’ve got a… Read More
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    The Animal Testing Hierarchy

    I’ve had some questions about animal models and testing, so I thought I’d go over the general picture. As far as I can tell, my experience has been pretty representative. There are plenty of animal models used in my line of work, but some of them you see more than others. Mice and rats are… Read More
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    I’ve had reports that some of the animal rights activists are getting loud and lively down in Connecticut, to the point of harassing employees of some of the drug companies there. I remember some of this going on in the early 1990s in New Jersey, but this is the first big outbreak of this stuff… Read More
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    Less Than Zero

    When I wrote about lousy animal models of disease a few days ago, there was a general principle at the back of my mind. (There generally is – my wife, over the years, has become accustomed to the sudden dolly-back panorama shots that appear unannounced in my conversation). It was: that a bad model system… Read More
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    Worst Animal Model: Nominations Are Open

    I was talking to someone the other day about animal models, and that got me to thinking: there are several therapeutic areas with reasonably good ones, but which indication has the most useless ones? Naturally, just getting a compound into mice or what have you is going to tell you a lot that you’d never… Read More
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    Formally Undecideable

    A comment to the last post asked a good question, one that occurs to everyone in the drug industry early in their career: how many useful drugs do we lose due to falsely alarming toxicity results in animals? The answer is, naturally, that we don’t know, and we can’t. Not in the world as we… Read More
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    Rats Rule, Right?

    So, you’re developing a drug candidate. You’ve settled on what looks like a good compound – it has the activity you want in your mouse model of the disease, it’s not too hard to make, and it’s not toxic. Everything looks fine. Except. . .one slight problem. Although the compound has good blood levels in… Read More