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    More Vaccine Fearmongering

    Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus is an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism arguments that raged for many years (and rage still in the heads of the ignorant – sorry, it’s gotten to the point where there’s no reason to spare anyone’s feelings about this issue). Now in this post at PLOS Blogs, he’s alerting peopl… Read More
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    What Autism Epidemic?

    There’s a new study out looking at the prevalence of autism across different age groups across the United Kingdom. Since autism shows up in childhood, if the rate of its occurrence had changed over the years, that would be expected to be preserved in the population as you move up in years. But it doesn’t. Read More
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    MMR Vaccine and Autism: Lies, All Lies

    The 1998 paper that linked MMR vaccination with autism has had a long way to fall. It made, of course, a huge media sensation, and energized the whole vaccination/autism controversy that still (in spite of evidence) goes on. But it didn’t look very robust from the start, scientifically. And over the years it’s gone from… Read More
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    Vaccines in the Court

    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a vaccine-liability case, in an attempt to untangle conflicting lower court rulings. This all turns on the 1986 act that shields manufacturers from liability suits and a followup law that establishes a separate compensation system for injuries. A Georgia Supreme Court ruling has recently held that such suits… Read More
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    Autism and Vaccines: Boiling Over Yet Again

    As you may well have heard by now, Ben Goldacre over at Bad Science has been involved in a wonderful altercation with both the anti-vaccination people there and with one of London’s big talk radio stations, LBC. And yes, this is happening just as Andrew Wakefield, one of the originators of the whole MMR vaccine… Read More
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    Thimerosal. Again.

    Yet another study has shown no link between the former vaccine additive thimerosal and neurological problems in children. This one evaluated over a thousand seven-to-ten year olds for a long list of outcomes, and came up negative. No strong correlations were found, and the weak ones seemed to spread out evenly among positive and negative… Read More
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    Thimerosal, Again

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has helped to put this issue right back on the front pages again. I spoke a lot about thimerosal in vaccines, and its putative link to autism, back in late 2002, which is when the controversy last flared to this degree. (I’ve put those old posts over into the Autism category… Read More
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    A Mechanism for Thimerosal

    There’s some fresh news in the (quite possibly endless) debate about the vaccine preservative thimerosal. The Institute of Medicine is working on another report, due in several months. Their last report, in 2001, found no evidence to support a link, but didn’t dismiss the possibility, either. I’ve written about this topic before.… Read More
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    Here and There

    I wanted to take a moment to mention some interesting posts around Blogdom that readers may not have seen. In a response to the news on secretin for autism (see my post below), Dwight Meredith writes on what it was like at its peak of interest: Human secretin, swine secretin, herbal secretin (which as far… Read More
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    Compare and Contrast

    Dwight Meredith over at PLA pointed out to me that the UC-Davis study on the prevalence of autism in California is online. It hasn’t been published in a journal yet, and the JAMA paper I mentioned last week doesn’t reference it. But the editorial comment in the same issue does. As it should, since there’s… Read More