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  • Birth of an Idea

    Vial Thirty-Three Rides Again

    Well, I got my repeat experiment set up before leaving work today. I could think of one variable I hadn’t controlled for head-to-head yet, so I set up an extra couple of vials for that one. I’ll try to get them analyzed tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning, depending on how busy they are downstairs. Getting… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Vial Thirty-Three: One Up, One Down

    I finally have some more news about the experiments I spoke about here. The instrument used to analyze them broke down completely – not my fault, they tell me, but perhaps they’re being kind – and came back on line just in the last couple of days. Yesterday we took the samples out of the… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Mid-day Update

    I know I have some people stopping by to see how the experiments I described on Saturday have turned out. Well, the runs that I did late last week were not kind to the instrument they ran through, so one of my colleagues is now trying to get the machine back to its usual state. Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Minute by Minute

    Well, it’s about two in the afternoon here on Saturday. I don’t blog from work, but this isn’t exactly a workday, is it? I’m here to set up my control experiments that I spoke about, and let me tell you, it’s quiet around here. There’s not a lot of work done on weekends in industry… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Vial Number Thirty-Three

    This morning I got the results in from the first experiments that I spoke about here. Most of them did nothing at all. Nothing in the blank controls, nothing in the experimental wells. There were forty vials to examine, and there was nothing to report for quite a while. But vial number 33, that one… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Cliff Diving

    I haven’t given any updates on my side project experiments recently. I’ve been preparing a number of starting materials and getting things ready for another big run. I’m using a number of systems that people use for other (more normal) purposes at work, but I’m bending things around so much that everything has to be… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    A Scientist’s Resolutions

    1. Get more done in the lab. That’s a pretty generic one, but it gets harder to do the further on you go in your career. At the point I’ve reached, I could spend a good amount of my time hiding out in my office, banging away on the computer, and no one would be… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Report From What I Think is the Frontier

    It’s been a while since I spoke about the run of experiments that I’ve been doing. Things are going very well, although not quickly. The combination that seemed to work for me back in June (see the 6/23 post here) has repeated cleanly several times now, with new control experiments and fresh solutions of everything. Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Experimental News

    I set up another run of experiments in my long-running series today. I’m repeating the best results from last time (the previous post in this category), with fresh samples of everything (just to be sure that there wasn’t something odd about the last batch, which seemed to work so well.) There’s a new type of… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    News Flash: I May Not Be a Fool

    I now have my experimental results, at long last. And, well, I have to say that I seem to have something. This batch was set up with fifteen different chemical structures, and I was looking for the same effect in each run. For each structure, there was an experiment that should have shown the effect… Read More