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  • Birth of an Idea

    Data, At Last

    A rare mid-day update: finally, after weeks of delays, I’m getting the analytical data run on my most recent set of experiments. These are based on what looked like successful results back in April (see these posts for the details), and if I have any idea of what’s going on, they should work. And that’s… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Experimental Update

    Since I mentioned a while back that I was setting up a crucial run of experiments, I thought I should let the (three or four) people who are following this story know what’s going on. What’s going on is that I’m slowly chewing a hole through my desk. The instrument that I need to get… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Experimental Update, For Those Who Care

    Well, I got the results of my experiments this afternoon. There might be something there, but I’ll have to see the rest of the data in the morning to be a bit more sure. In research, we live for slam-dunk experiments that really prove things, but most of the time we get this could-be might-be… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Live The Stereotype!

    Now I know why all the biologists I know are half-sane at best: it’s all that pipetting. I set up my experiment today, in a 96-well plate (here’s one similar to what I was using, if you don’t know the beasts), and spent a good chunk of the afternoon pipetting in a few microliters of… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    The Consolations of Pure Research

    I mentioned the other day that I’m getting close to another run of experiments on the research idea I’ve been messing with for a couple of years now. For those who haven’t been following this tedious tale, so far I’ve had – well, I’ve had no real success at all. I thought at one point… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Don’t Talk To Yourself So Much

    I’ve been re-reading Francis Crick’s memoir What Mad Pursuit, and this passage struck me: “. . .it is important not to believe too strongly in one’s own arguments. This particularly applies to negative arguments, arguments that suggest that a particular approach should certainly not be tried since it is bound to fail. . .Whi… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Mismatched Socks

    Some miscellaneous updates tonight, in addition to the note appended to the post below. It seems that Sunday nights don’t often leave with time for more extensive blogging, and the world events of the last few days have made their claim on my attention as well. This isn’t going to be one of those dull… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    A Little Ambiguity Would Be Welcome Right About Now

    My experimental results came in late Friday afternoon, and. . .well, rarely have I seen less encouraging data. It wasn’t enjoyable. I was there as the numbers for each part of the experiment came through, and I could tell early on that I was in trouble. So, here’s the rundown: the repeat of my previous… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Dr. Lowe? I Have Your Hypothesis on Line Two

    I spoke a couple of weeks ago about my latest series of experiments at work, and I’ve had several inquiries about how things are going. Well, the whole shebang has been in the freezer, actually. The instrument that we need to analyze things (and the person who runs the instrument!) have both been occupied with… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    If This Doesn’t Work, There’s Only Reality To Fall Back On

    Time for an update on my research, where I’m still working on the odd idea that I’ve been speaking about. In my last installment, I had what seemed to be good results from an experiment, and I was getting ready to set up some more control runs to see if things would behave as they… Read More