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    Fourth of July Food Blogging

    Tomorrow is, of course, a big US holiday, and I’m taking today off as well. As I often do around here, I’m spending some of the holiday cooking. The weather has been exceptionally hot around here, so tomorrow morning before it gets too steamy, I’m making this combination of side dishes (pickled grilled onions and… Read More
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    Traveling, so no chance to do a decent post today. But that gives me a chance to ask a question that I bring up once in a while: are there topics, recent papers, news, that haven’t come up here (or not recently) that deserve some attention? I’d welcome suggestions (as always), with the proviso that… Read More
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    Cold Weather Recipe Prep: Beef Stew With Bacon, Onions, and Mushrooms

    The weather here in the Boston area is doing the full Christmas/Winter experience, with sleet and freezing rain followed up a couple of days later by seven inches of snow. And over the next few days the temperature is dropping day by day, heading down below zero (Fahrenheit!) on Thursday. So it’s clearly time for… Read More
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    Holiday Blogging Commences

    So it’s heading into the end-of-the-year time, and I myself am taking off work until January. Blogging around here will be somewhat irregular, and will feature more recipe lab preps than usual. If there’s any big news, I’ll certainly post about it, but otherwise, some days there will be stuff here and some days there… Read More
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    Holiday Synthesis: Cranberry Lime Pie

    This is one that I tried out this year for Thanksgiving, and it seemed to go over well. It’s a version of a recipe published by Bon Appetit, stripped of some frou-frou and with the preparation modified a bit.  You’ll need cranberries, eggs, limes, sugar, butter (room temperature), and some sort of crust material (see… Read More
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    Work and home have left me little time for blogging today. Topics coming up in the next few days, though, include lessons about working with bigger-than-normal drug molecules, some insights on covalent compounds in living systems, chemistry in Flatland, and more. See everyone on Monday! Read More
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    Blogging Break

    I’ll be taking a break this week, up through next Monday, while doing some traveling with the family. With any luck, we’ll see the total eclipse a week from now, unless the usual amateur astronomer’s luck is working, in which case we’ll see hail the size of canned hams coming down instead. So there’s that… Read More
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    Gainful Employment

    Since many people have checked in with me to see how things have been going, I wanted to mention that today is, in fact, my first day on my new job. I’m very happy to report this, both for the obvious reasons, and because the research I’ll be doing looks to be very interesting and complex, and… Read More
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    An AMA

    Some behind-the-scenes trouble with WordPress left me unable to log in to the site until now, but I wanted to mention that at this very moment, I’m doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit’s Science section. Drop by and see how quickly I can keep up the typing! Read More
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    A Few Days Off (Bonus Blog Topic Thread)

    I wanted to let people know that posting will resume here this coming Wednesday – I’ll be traveling, and I probably won’t have time to put up any entries. If something big happens, I’m sure I’ll work something in, but otherwise, I’ll see everyone on the 19th! In the interim, I’d be glad to hear… Read More