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    Back On the Air

    Blogging should be getting back to normal around here. My viral infection, as I found out yesterday, shaded over with aplomb into bacterial pneumonia in both lungs, but at least a person can take antibiotics for that. It’s also a good thing that most cases are caused by gram-positive bacteria, which gives plenty of options. I’m… Read More
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    Darn Viruses

    My apologies for not posting much today – as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed, I haven’t actually made it in to work so far this January. I’m home with some sort of viral ick, coughing and shivering, while my wife prepares the requisite chicken soup. As of this afternoon… Read More
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    Recipe Blogging: Chicken Paprikash

    So this one is a fine cold-weather meal, but I should issue a disclaimer. Whenever I talk patent law on the blog, I always note that I Am Not a Lawyer, so this time I should note that I Am Not a Hungarian. I’ve had several Hungarian friends over the years, and I’ve spend a… Read More
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    Recipe Blogging: Joojeh Kebab

    Well, as threatened, I’ll be putting up a few recipes over the holiday season, in the spirit of “Never trust an organic chemist who can’t cook”. This one is a classic kebab recipe from my wife’s side of the family – ask any Iranian, and they’ll know about joojeh kebab. I keep thinking it would… Read More
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    Holiday Blogging 2015

    I believe that today I’ll start the traditional Holiday Blogging schedule. This is my last day in the lab this year, so I have a fair number of loose ends to bundle up, and our building is scheduled for some electrical work over the break, so all the instrumentation has to be ready to sack… Read More
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    Pecan Pie, Of Course

    I’m taking the day off from work, in preparation for Thanksgiving here in the US. One of my activities will be to engage in this Holiday Organic Synthesis prep of chocolate pecan pie (the comments to that post have several refinements, especially for non-US readers who may have to do some ingredient substitutions). I make… Read More
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    Fighting the Spambots

    I wanted to mention that the team behind the scenes of this site have been trying numerous solutions to try to deal with the spam comment problem. That’s what’s messing things up for you, the readership: the system is getting so overloaded dealing with the constant firehose of junk comments (thousands upon thousands of the… Read More
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    Commenting Problems

    Many readers have been having problems commenting on blog posts here recently, getting a “You’re commenting too fast” message. That’s not what’s supposed to be happening – people are getting this message when they haven’t commented in days (I got it last night). It’s intended for someone trying to man… Read More
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    Blog Troubleshooting

    I wanted to mention that the many suggestions made so far (comment numbering, time stamps, font appearance, some issues on various browsers and mobile devices) are being looked at actively by the behind-the-scenes folks at Science. Thanks for catching these things, and please do keep an eye out for other issues! I’m actually quite happy… Read More
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    Welcome to “In the Pipeline”

    Welcome (old readers and new) to “In the Pipeline”. I’m very happy to be moving here to Science Translational Medicine. For those encountering it for the first time, this blog is apparently one of the longest-running science blogs on the internet (perhaps the longest-running, since it’s been going continuously since January… Read More