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    Medicinal Chemistry Books 2017

    I’m running a few days later than usual, but here’s this year’s list of medicinal chemistry books of interest. As in years past, the list builds on previous recommendations, with updates and reader suggestions incorporated along the way. For histories and broad overviews of the field, it doesn’t appear that any new titles m… Read More
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    One More Chemistry Book

    And of course there’s one more book I’d like to plug: my own The Chemistry Book. I’m putting it in a separate post both for the personal glory and because I don’t think that Amazon likes it too much when you try to rake in affiliate fees from a book that you’re already getting royalties… Read More
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    Chemistry-Themed Books for Non-Chemist Readers

    As a follow-up to my earlier post on specialist medicinal chemistry and drug discovery books, I wanted to include a separate list of chemistry-themed books for general readers. I should note here that the links here are affiliate links to Amazon, meaning that although your price per item will be the same, I’ll receive a percentage of… Read More
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    Medicinal Chemistry Books 2016

    It’s time for the yearly roundup here of books on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. I’ll be doing another post on science books for a more general readership; this one is mostly for folks in the business, one way or another. As usual, the list builds on last year’s recommendations, with updates and reader suggestions incor… Read More
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    Realizing That There Was Such a Thing as Science

    I’ve been enjoying this book, The Invention of Science by David Wootton, which was just published in the US back in December. It’s a history of the beginnings of the scientific revolution back in the 1500s and 1600s, and it takes a lot of issues with how that history has been told by some other authors. Read More
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    Book Recommendations 2015: Medicinal Chemistry Books

    So it’s true that they’re not everyone’s Christmas present, but I wanted to do my yearly roundup of books on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. This list builds on last year’s recommendations, with updated editions of some titles, and adds a number of suggestions from readers. A relatively recent (2011) history of our w… Read More
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    “The Chemistry Book” Is Available

    I wanted to let everyone know that my first venture into between-hard-covers authorship, The Chemistry Book, is now set to be released in early February, and it’s available to pre-order on Amazon.  This, like the other books in the series (such as The Physics Book, by Clifford Pickover) is a survey of 250 events, concepts, and… Read More
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    Job Interview Advice

    I find it very refreshing to be talking again, once in a while, about finding jobs in drug discovery. Via my Twitter feed, I note this fine article from Linda Wang in C&E News about job interviews. It’s a very picky world out there in the job market (still not so many jobs, still a… Read More
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    What If?

    I wanted to let readers know of a fun new book that’s out this week. Randall Munroe, of webcomic XKCD fame, has written What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. There are a lot of truly odd ones in there, and he takes them on as best he can. I’m glad to say… Read More
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    A New Med-Chem Reference

    Over the past few years, several readers here have recommended Silverman’s medicinal chemistry book as an excellent introduction and reference. I wanted to mention that there’s now a third edition: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action, by Silverman and Holladay, which has just come out. Well worth a look for that part… Read More