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  • Book Recommendations

    What If?

    I wanted to let readers know of a fun new book that’s out this week. Randall Munroe, of webcomic XKCD fame, has written What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. There are a lot of truly odd ones in there, and he takes them on as best he can. I’m glad to say… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    A New Med-Chem Reference

    Over the past few years, several readers here have recommended Silverman’s medicinal chemistry book as an excellent introduction and reference. I wanted to mention that there’s now a third edition: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action, by Silverman and Holladay, which has just come out. Well worth a look for that part… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    A New Book

    Noted as a significant new book relevant to biopharma, but necessarily without any comment from me is Barry Werth’s The Antidote: Inside the World of New Pharma, which is the sequel to his 1995 book, The Billion Dollar Molecule. The official release date is tomorrow. Read More
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    Holiday Blogging

    Starting today, blogging here will move to the irregular holiday schedule. Look for recipes and the like over the next couple of weeks, interspersed with occasional relevant topics as they come up. I hope everyone with a break has a good one – I’ll be working The Chemistry Book and the Things I Won’t Work… Read More
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    Science Gifts: Running Experiments at Home

    Interesting science-gift ideas can be found in the “home experiments” area. There’s been a small boom in this sort of book in recent years, which I think is a good thing all the way around. I believe that there’s a good audience out there of people who are interested in science, but have no particular… Read More
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    The Chemistry Book

    I wanted to mention to readers here that I’ve agreed to write a book (for a general audience) on chemistry for Sterling Publishers (the publishing arm of Barnes and Noble). They’ve been putting out a series of books (Sterling Milestones) on various scientific topics, looking at 250 key concepts or historical events. There’s a shor… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    E. O. Wilson’s “Letters to a Young Scientist”

    I’ve been reading E. O. Wilson’s new book, Letters to a Young Scientist. It’s the latest addition to the list of “advice from older famous scientists” books, which also includes Peter Medawar’s similarly titled Advice To A Young Scientist and what is probably the grandfather of the entire genre, Ramón y Cajal… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    The Portable Chemist’s Consultant

    I wanted to mention a project of Prof. Phil Baran of Scripps and his co-authors, Yoshihiro Ishihara and Ana Montero. It’s called the Portable Chemist’s Consultant, and it’s available for iPads here. And here’s a web-based look at its features. Baran was good enough to send me an evaluation copy, so I’ve had a chance… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    A New Book on Longevity Research

    The University of Chicago Press has sent along a copy of a new book by DePaul professor Ted Anton, The Longevity Seekers. It’s a history of the last thirty years or so of advances in understanding the biochemical pathways of aging. As you’d imagine, much of it focuses on sirtuins, but many other discoveries get… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    Two New Books

    A colleague pointed out to me this week that there’s a new edition of Copeland’s Evaluation of Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Discovery. I haven’t seen this expanded and updated version, but the previous one was excellent. From the new preface: . . .I have attempted to improve upon the first edition by substantially expanding most… Read More