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    Friday Book Recommendation

    Here’s another outside the field – in fact, it’s outside of a lot of people’s fields. Where Is Everybody? presents fifty possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox: if there are a lot of planets in the galaxy, and if life is pretty easy to get going, and if it’s possible to travel or just communicate… Read More
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    A Friday Book Recommendation

    This isn’t exactly med-chem, but its focus probably overlaps with the interests of a number of readers around here. I recently came across a copy of A Field Guide to Bacteria and enjoyed it very much. I don’t think there’s another book quite like it available: it describes where you’re likely to find different varieties… Read More
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    Physics, for Dogs and Others

    Allow me to recommend a book I received a copy of recently, Chad Orzel’s How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. Chad’s a fellow scientific blogger from way back, and I have had a chance to consume chicken wings and trade lab stories with him. His new book is a fine addition to the what-the-heck-is-quantum-mechanics… Read More
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    Recommended Books For Medicinal Chemists, Part One

    I asked recently for suggestions on the best books on med-chem topics, and a lot of good ideas came in via the comments and e-mail. Going over the list, the most recommended seem to be the following: For general medicinal chemistry, you have Bob Rydzewski’s Real World Drug Discovery: A Chemist’s Guide to Biotech and… Read More
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    Business Books: The Enantiomers

    Since I wrote about business books the other day, and not in a complimentary fashion, reader David Shaywitz sent along a note about his piece in Forbes on reading for newly-humbled CEOs. Included are intriguing titles like The Halo Effect: … and the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers, which is billed as “a… Read More
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    A Med-Chem Book Recommendation

    As per the comments to the last post, this book, Drug-like Properties: Concepts, Structure Design and Methods: from ADME to Toxicity Optimization, looks like a very nice overview of these issues for the practicing medicinal chemist. From what I’ve seen of it, there’s a lot of you-need-to-know-this information for people getting up to sp… Read More
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    Inspirational Reading?

    An undergraduate reader sends along this request: I was wondering if you had some recommended readings for a second year student, eg books that you have read and made a palpable impression on you when you were my age. That’s a good question, despite the beard-lengthening qualification of “when you were my age”. The books… Read More