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    The Biopharma Funding Boom

    As Bruce Booth noted on Twitter on Friday, the drop in Biogen’s stock that day represents a loss of more money than all the venture capital funding in biopharma over the last four years. Here he is with more on the current funding boom, which is probably a bit different than it seems. For one… Read More
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    Biogen’s Bad Week

    If you’re a Biogen shareholder, you don’t need me coming along to tell you that this has been a bad week. The Alzheimer’s antibody news was just the warmup for the company’s earning numbers, which made no one happy. So what’s going on over there? Reality, I’d say. The drug industry is ferociously competitive, and… Read More
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    Lilly Expands in San Diego

    Good news out in San Diego: Lilly has announced that they’re expanding their research site there, adding up to 130 positions with a focus on immunology. The area really needs some of this. San Diego’s biopharma scene has, by all accounts I’ve heard (and from what I’ve seen personally) been in decline over the last… Read More
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    Celgene Expanding

    Readers who have worked in the NJ pharma world will be familiar with the big research campus in Summit. I go back far enough to remember it from my first round of job interviews, when it was still Ciba-Geigy. (I was on my post-doc in Germany at the time, and I’d already been asked if… Read More
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    Chris Viehbacher’s Two Billion Dollars

    Chris Viehbacher, ex-Sanofi, has reappeared at a $2 billion dollar biotech fund. Viehbacher is clear, though, that Gurnet will be founding companies as well as looking outside the red-hot fields like oncology. To find value these days, you have to look outside of the trendiest fields, he says. And you’re also not going to find… Read More
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    Another STEM Jobs Myth-Breaking Article

    A reader sent along this link to an article at the New York Review of Books on the relentless emphasis on STEM jobs. The viewpoint of its author, Andrew Hacker, was preordained: he’s a political scientist who started a controversy about ten years ago with an editorial wondering if mathematical education (we’re talking up to… Read More
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    External R&D

    Bruce Booth has a long post on external R&D in biopharma. He’s mostly talking about some of the newer ways to do that, rather than traditional deals and outsourcing. These include larger companies partnering with VC firms to launch smaller ones, large investments in the smaller players with specific rights to buy some of the… Read More
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    I’ve heard from sources this morning that the folks at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Wallingford have received, out of the blue, one of those sudden sitewide meeting announcements that often portend big news. I’ll leave the comments section of this post for updates from anyone with more info – I’ll be out of communication for a… Read More
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    Are Things Really Picking Up?

    Is the recent upturn in drug approvals the real thing? Years of overall decline would have to be overcome, but it would be good news if the industry has, in fact, picked back up again. A new article in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery</I. makes the case, based on a measure they're calling the "vintage index". Read More
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    The Incomplete Response Letter

    When a drug company’s New Drug Application runs into some sort of major issue, the FDA sends what’s called a CRL, a Complete Response Letter. This details why the application was rejected and what can be done to fix the problem. And all this is, naturally of great interest to the company’s investors. But they… Read More