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  • Business and Markets

    ‘Tis Unfortunately the Season

    Update: this post came just a few days before Teva announced that they’re starting a 14,000-job cutback, to run over the next two years. The season indeed. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas season is a traditional one in the drug industry for layoffs and site closures. This is especially true for larger companies, who time these th… Read More
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    A Grim Future? Here Are the Numbers.

    Here’s a bracing look at the state of the pharma business, especially regarding R&D costs and return on investment. And let me warn you – it’s not a feel-good sort of article, but the figures are hard to refute. The author, Kelvin Stott, comes out swinging: Here I apply a far simpler, much more robust… Read More
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    Merck In London – A Hub, or Not?

    News comes today that Merck is going to put in a new research site in London. I’m not sure if anyone saw that coming – their previous UK research site is long gone, and seems now to be turning into housing developments. And I’m sure that the government is very happy to announce this sort… Read More
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    More Movements at the Top of GSK

    GlaxoSmithKline has been having more than its share of ups and downs over the last few years. In 2014, they moved a lot of assets out of oncology, as part of a general rearrangement into higher-volume lower-cost areas. That was a pretty bold move – give management credit for not being timid, at least – Read More
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    The Drug Project Landscape

    Here’s a new paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery that’s going to the trouble of matching specific disease indications with specific mechanisms in drug projects over the last 20 years (both the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones). The authors (from Vertex) used the Cortellis commercial database (with a good deal of filtering an… Read More
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    The Latest on China

    China’s impact on biopharma has been a perennial story in the press (and on this blog). The big picture has been the interplay between the “China as a source of cheap scientific labor” story, the “Big Western drug companies setting up divisions in China” one, and “When will China have its own research-driven dru… Read More
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    Mongersen Fails

    Readers may recall a post here last year about an odd trial of an antisense drug for Crohn’s disease. Celgene had acquired the drug (mongersen, GED-301) from Nogra Pharma of Ireland back in 2014 as a late-stage candidate, and for a while, things looked good. In fact, going back and reading the stories, you’d think that… Read More
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    Incyte and Flexus: The Grappling Continues

    A couple of years back, I wrote about a case of accused stolen pharma intellectual property that looked like it would be heading to court. And here we are in 2017, and it’s. . .heading to court. The wheels of the law have been grinding along this whole time in the matter of Incyte and… Read More
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    A Bit About Biopharma Investing

    Well, as predicted here (and many other places), Merck announced yesterday that they are indeed not going to try to seek approval for their CETP inhibitor, anacetrapib. That’s despite an ostensibly positive Phase III trial, but it apparently wasn’t positive enough to take the risk of bringing this drug before the FDA (or to the… Read More